Be a Member in Old Head Golf Links and Enjoy the Best Golfing Experience

Have you ever imagined playing golf in an unusual place? Have you ever wanted to play golf in a place full of beauty? If you do, then you should consider playing golf in Old Head Golf Links. This golf course continues to awe golfers from all over the world. Once you play in the Old Head Golf Links, you would certainly want to go back to this place to play quality golf over and over again.

John and Patrick O’Connor are the brains behind this one of a kind golfing destination that have been recognized as one of the most sought after golfing experiences in the world.

The Old Head is one of the few landmarks in Northern Europe and the sheer natural beauty of it have awed people in the past and still continue to do so today and will eventually in the future. The Old Head is also a witness of history. Around the Old Head vicinity lays the shipwreck of the City of Chicago in 1812 and the Lusitania in 1915, which brought the United States into joining the World War One.

The Old Head is located in Ireland and is protruding over 2 miles into the Atlantic Ocean. This place is also the home of over half a million shrubs, plants, and bushes which created a new wildlife habitat. Another popular activity aside from golf in Old Head Golf Links is whale watching. Over 15 species of the 23 known whale species can be seen in Old Head.

Old Head Golf Links is built on a 220 acre land and it is located two miles into the Atlantic Ocean and is almost an island with caves running under your feet as you play golf in this one of a kind golf course.

The nine holes are played along the cliff tops and all of the eighteen holes provide stunning and relaxing views of the Atlantic Ocean. Because of the constant changing of sea breezes, Old Head Golf Links courses have proven to be a great challenge to professional golfers and the low handicappers.

Old Head Golf Links has a private members’ club with members from all over the world. There are two kinds of membership in Old Head Golf Links. The first is the individual membership and the other is the corporate membership.

In the individual membership, you and your spouse will automatically become members of the Old Head Golf Links Private Members’ Club. You will have the privilege of playing unlimited golf at any time the course is open for play. As an individual member, you may introduce a maximum of 23 accompanied or unaccompanied guests at the applicable guest rate. You will also be invited to participate in regular member/guest tournaments and you can accept if you want to join.

In corporate membership, the membership period is for five years. A minimum of one to a maximum of four members is permitted per corporation and members in this kind of membership can play unlimited golf at anytime the course is open for play. The corporate membership also allows for one team per corporation to participate in regular member/guest tournaments.

Being a member of Old Head Golf Links Private Members’ club will bring you a lot of satisfaction. It will allow you to play an unlimited amount of golf in this unique and very beautiful golf destination in the world. Playing golf in Old Head Golf Links is truly a one of a kind experience that you will surely never forget.