Comprehensive access plans

If you are a member of a pre-paid access plan and are not getting the legal
services you think you need, then it is probably time to upgrade to a more
comprehensive plan.

A comprehensive prepaid legal service plan is designed to cover for the
majority of your legal service needs in a given year. Access services, such
as legal advice and information by toll-free number and follow-up service,
are provided at no cost to you. It’s in the realm of more complex legal
matters that require more time and effort from your attorney, that the
comprehensive plan is more beneficial than a basic, access plan. You can
have your trust set up, instead of a simple will, and a more complicated
business sale contract drawn up as opposed to a simple contract. Legal
representation can equally be provided in court for some cases, such as
child custody.

Comprehensive prepaid plans are most suitable for people who need business
advice, have family trusts or own real estates properties.

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