Diets and Weight Loss And Ultimate Exercises

If you’re like me and like to stay up late at night, you’ve probably seen the thousands of weight loss commercials that are aired at night. Late night cable TV viewing is all about selling some type of weight loss plan or machine and breaking it up into three easy payments for you.

Have you ever bought any of it? Will you ever buy any of it? If you haven’t, then you probably won’t. If you have, then you probably feel like you were scammed by what you bought because you didn’t get the results you were promised.

I know your frustration and irritation. When you’re trying to find exercises that are easy to do and will help you lose weight, sometimes you try to find shortcuts along the way and you may even be desperate for a solution.

Instead of wasting your time and money on the latest fad exercise plan or machine, let’s try some old tried and true exercises that have been around for years and have been proven to be effective.

Walking or running have been weight loss champs for decades. A lot of people have used these exercises with great success. They’re great exercises because they involve almost all of the body in the exercise and cause most of your large muscle areas to burn fat.

Swimming has been another favorite for years. It’s a very low impact exercise that’s easy on the joints and involves most of the body as well. Most people that use swimming as a weight loss exercise find that they can swim longer than they can run or walk and enjoy the added benefit of being to lose more weight by swimming.

Even though those are great exercises to use and add to your daily routine, I want you to think of this first: What physical activities do you really enjoy doing on a daily basis? It’s a really simple question when you think about it and it can have far reaching effects on how you lose weight.

What I really want you to identify are the exercises that you are already doing and see if there’s any way to do them more frequently. For example, do you like to golf? A lot of folks do. Well, next time you go golfing, don’t rent a cart to drive you around the eighteen holes. Walk the entire course. It’s the best of both worlds!

Just keep this in mind: The ultimate exercises for you are the exercises that you enjoy doing and because you like to do them, you’ll want to do them more.

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