Expected Retail Prices for PlayStation 3: Your Shopping Guide for the Upcoming and Eagerly Awaited Gaming Console by Sony

You may think that your gaming console is obsolete and you want to purchase a new one before the year ends, this will serve as your gift to yourself for the holidays and also a gift for your children if you have them.

One of the most anticipated gaming consoles today is the PlayStation 3 by Sony. Sony is widely known in the gaming console world and is also the company that gave the world the Sony PlayStation and the Sony PlayStation 2. Today, many people are now waiting for the official release of PlayStation 3 in the market this coming November 2006 in Japan and in North America.

You can expect that people will be shopping early for the holidays for this much-anticipated gaming console. In fact, many people have preordered or made reservations for PlayStation 3 before it has even hit the shelves of PlayStation retail outlets. This is to ensure them ownership of a PlayStation 3 upon the official release of the gaming console in the market.

Because the PlayStation 3 is one of the keenly anticipated gaming console in the world today, you can expect the PlayStation 3 to be flying out of the shelves as soon as the retail outlet opens. If you purchased a PlayStation 2 upon its official release, you know how difficult and frustrating it is to buy one. With people crowding over the shelves, it will be really difficult to get one. You would want to avoid going through this again.

So, as mentioned before, in order for you to avoid going through the early holiday PlayStation shopping rush again, it is a very good idea that you should preorder or make reservations for your own PlayStation 3 in retail outlets in your local area. Or, you can always wait a little while until things settle down and you can go to the PlayStation 3 outlets without having to go through the difficulty of getting your own PlayStation 3.

However, if you really want to have your own PlayStation 3 as soon as possible, you might as well call your nearest PlayStation 3 retail outlet and make reservations. This will ensure that you get a PlayStation 3 gaming console even before it is officially released in the market.

Of course, you would want to know about the price of a PlayStation 3 before you buy. The latest gaming consoles tend to be expensive and you definitely want to know if it is worth your time and your money for the PlayStation 3.

First of all, there are two configurations of PlayStation 3 that is going to be released in the market. These two configurations are the basic configuration and the premium configuration. The basic configuration costs US$499 while the premium configuration costs US$599. These prices will be implemented in the United States. Other countries differ in prices, such as US$480 for the basic configuration and US$580 for the premium configuration in Canada.

PlayStation 3 prices vary from country to country, but you should also know what the difference is between the basic configuration and the premium configuration. In the basic configuration, you will get a 20GB upgradeable hard drive, a Blu-ray drive, HDMI port, and one Bluetooth controller. In the premium configuration, you will get a 60GB upgradeable hard drive, a Blu-ray drive, HDMI port, one Bluetooth controller, silver-colored trim, built-in Wi-Fi, and flash card readers.

As you can see, the premium configuration offers more features than the basic configuration, hence the difference in prices. If you want to know more about PlayStation 3, you should try and visit the PlayStation 3 website at www.playstation.com. Here, you will find complete information about the PlayStation 3 gaming console features and also about the benefits you will get when you play with it.