Fat Loss So Easy An Idiot Can Do It

Are you overweight, overtired, and stressed out about it? Do you spend your evenings running the marathon between your couch and refrigerator, and then wonder why you don’t like what you see in the mirror come morning? It might interest you to know that fat loss is easier than you think – an idiot can do it. Fat loss is based on one simple principle – a principle that even small children understand. Eat less – move more.

Step One: Eat Less
Far too many Americans eat a diet packed with fat, sugar, and grease, and then moan about being fat. If you don’t give your body quality fuel, you don’t end up with a quality body. If you consume fat, it ends up on your waistline. Some sources even state that if a doctor did a biopsy of the fat around your middle, he or she would be able to tell where it came from. The fat you ingest changes that little between your mouth and your middle! Eat less fat, weigh less. Eat more high quality, low calorie foods like fruits and vegetables, weigh less. You can only burn so many calories per day. Don’t make the mistake of consuming more than you can possibly use.

Step Two: Move More
If the most exercise you get is carrying the groceries in from the car, you need to beef up your exercise plan. It’s recommended that you get 30 minutes of cardio exercise 3 times a week for good health. That means if you’re going after weight loss, you need even more than that. If you’re pressed for time, add in an extra flight of stairs. Park your car in the furthest parking space from the mall. Increase your walking at work by visiting offices instead of relying on phones or email to talk to someone next door. Increase your movement, decrease your waistline – it’s a proven fact.

So you say you already know all about that – but have your really put it into action? Or do you spend all your time reading about new diet plans, researching that new supplement on the market, or looking up low fat recipes? Learning about diet and exercise doesn’t count. You actually have to put what you learn into action. You can begin to do this by taking these two simple steps to improve your health.

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