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Is your Internet Marketing Home based business Fully Automated?

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For many years I new that today’s technology was able to fully automate our marketing systems, but it seemed that nobody was using it to its full extent. Recently I came across a system that was so beautifully automated, I just knew immediately that this was going to work, and it did.

Why is it then that so many people miss it, I asked myself. It is right here under our noses. But hey wait, “What is Full Automation”

Full Automation to me is when your marketing system is so fully automated that it will sell, advertise, promote, appoint downlines, train them, and motivate them all at once. Does your site do that? If not then you do not use technology to the full extent.

Here are the 10 factors you need to fully automate your system:

1. You need to collect you opt-in lists
2. Promote by giving your surfers a well developed tour
3. Let them automatically sign up
4. Set Auto responders to follow up if they don’t sign up
5. Set Auto responders to train them when they do sign up
6. Use voice recording to motivate through conferencing
7. Use Conference software to have group discussions
8. Use your website to act as an training facility
9. Have a well developed duplication system
10. Setup an automated traffic generating system

With all the free script flowing over the net, it is easy to set up a system like this, and if you can’t create it, make sure you join a fully automated system.

There is nothing more rewarding for me, than to leave my office for a day or two, just to come back and find a bunch of new marketers signed up, and busy with their training.

The vast array of web opportunities makes full automation difficult; because each web page you open distract you to implement a new angle into your business. Full Automation requires attention and attention to detail. You need to think like the next customer and not like a high tech junky. Concentrate and stick to one income stream until you make it work.

Test each idea that you get on the internet against your fully automated system. If it does not fit in, leave it and move on. You can’t use all the gadgets on the net. Very soon your website will be cluttered and full of other people’s promotions.

What makes the internet a bad place is the impersonal way of trading. I like to spend time with students, chatting about what work and what don’t. My fully automated systems give me the opportunity to do just that. It makes my internet marketing an opportunity to spend some time with fellow marketers and to build relationships. In the end they are more important than the money we make.

What is the use of time saving methods, if we just use the time to run around. Use your fully automated system to take that walk in the park, to sit under a tree and to play with your kids.

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