Positioning the Players

As every coach or person that is involved in sports knows, positioning of the members is everything. This allows one to have the strengths in the right place, helping towards the strategy of winning the game. There are several ways to switch players and give them the best places on the court. No matter what your strategy, you will want to make sure to know exactly where everyone’s consignment is.

The first way that you can make sure everyone has the right place is by getting some extra support for the leadership position. This will be done through assigning one of the top players as captain. It will be their job to communicate between you and the other personnel as well as see what the best strategies are while everyone is on the court. From here, everyone will have specific specialties that will be a part of the game.

The first group of players that you will want to focus on is the ones that are taller. Usually, these should go towards the front, as it will be easier for them to spike a ball and get the other team out. These will be the attackers and blockers of your game. When thinking offense, you will want to think about players that can be used as setters, which will make sure that the volleyball is put into the right place on court, making it easier to aim to the right place on the other side. Liberos will be your more defensive personnel as they will move straight to attacking the ball after it is served. The last types of players you will have are hitters that will be on the middle and outside areas of the court. These are used to quickly go after the ball, especially after it is set by the setter.

Once you have found the strengths of the team, you can use a variety of formations on the court to your advantage. The most popular known formation is the 6-2 formation. With this, six of the players will be ready to attack and will be closer to the front of the court. Two of these attackers will be assigned as setters in order to keep the ball over. The second common formation is known as 5-1. Instead of two setters, there will be one who is specifically assigned to this role. You can also use the 4-2 formation, which are four hitters and two setters for the game.

After you decide on the set-ups and rotations for all of your players, you will easily be able to target the strengths of each player. By doing this, you will have the ability to set up the court on your side according to the different strengths of each player. This can help you in leading to the final hit and win.