Promotional Items as Corporate Gift: What You Should Remember

Promotional items as corporate gift is one of the best ways (not to mention, most popular) to promote your company and product or services you offer. It is the medium by which you could place your name and sales message to anyone without directly giving your actual product or services away for free.

Promotional Item may be a keychain, ash tray, office supplies, paper products, apparel, home decorations, sports gear, and so on.

Promotional items aim to attract costumers, increase sales, introduce a new product to as many people as they can, and stimulate the interest of people in the manner that will convert them to become costumers. For most businesses, promotional items are their link with their costumers. Without these promotional items, keeping the company or brand name on every eye and hand of people for the longest possible time and in the cheapest possible way is difficult since a 30-second television ad costs millions of dollars and may not be seen by many.

Promotional items are indeed business savers and are vital part in business marketing.

Some of the characteristics that promotional items must have:

1. The promotional items should tell about the company.

Promotional items often have the company’s name, tag line, and logo. Sometimes, when the company is well-known, the logo is sufficient to achieve the goal. Promotional items can be as small as a ball pen and as large as an umbrella. But regardless of the size, promotional items should possess its purpose of making the company or the product known.

2. The promotional items should be related on the product or company.

Promotional items remind people of the product as well as its role. The items should be related on the name of the brand or the type people that the brand caters. For example, you can often see ash trays with cigarette brand on it; lighters are often used by cigarette companies as well since ash tray and lighters are used along with cigarette. Easy recognition and association of the promotional items to the product of the company are the aims why it is important that the promotional items should be related on the product or company. There are several other examples like golf umbrellas for golf equipment; key chains for car manufacturers, coffee mugs for coffee outlets, and so on.

With this regard, the promotional items should not be in contrary with the company’s or product’s services.

3. The promotional items should have the right logo size

One big, and unfortunately, very common mistake of some companies when they make promotional items is the inappropriate size of the company’s name or logo in relation with the size of the item. For example, a big print of the company’s name or logo at any portion of t-shirt should make the person wearing it a walking billboard. As tempting as it may be, an obvious advertisement is not acceptable to many consumers.

4. The promotional item should have good quality.

Consumers or clients respect the product or the company if the company gives respect to its name and its products. Meaning, if the logo or name of the company is seen on a low-quality promotional items, consumers may have a second thought of patronizing it. A promotional shirt with substandard quality of fabric can degrade the dignity of the company or product printed on it.