Property Investment Advice – Buyers Market Now

Are you looking for good property investment advice? To invest means to use money for profit. In other words, you need to have money to make money. Is this the complete truth though? I’m not so sure. There are ways to invest where you would be using someone else’s money like borrowing from a bank or getting money from a hard lender. If the profit you make on a deal is large enough, you will have no problem paying back the loan from either entity.

Real estate is the most profitable and safest investment opportunity around. More people have become independently wealthy because of real state investing than from any other form of investing because shelter is one of the hierarchy of needs that humans require to be healthy, happy and safe. Shelter is right up there with food, clothing, and love. People always have to have a place to live.

Yeah, but what about investing with the economy in the toilet the way it is? Well, believe it or not with good property investment advice there are ways to invest and still profit from those investments in a down-turned economy. All you have to do is adjust your strategy to match the times. It pays to learn to be flexible.

When investors bought properties in times past they renovated the properties and got them back on the market as soon as they could to sell them for considerable profit. This is called flipping. But since the economy went down the tubes and people have not only lost their jobs but their homes as well, the investment opportunities have increased dramatically. With foreclosures at an all time high, savvy investors can pick up properties for a song, spruce them up and rent them out.

This is how most investors are making their money these days. This is called the buy and hold strategy. It is no longer realistic to try to flip a property because you will have a hard time finding potential buyers. With banks cracking down on who they give loans to and requiring buyers to have better than perfect credit to even be considered, home buying has reached an all time low.

Picking up a property, fixing it up, and renting it out gives you the net worth you are looking for and allows you to enjoy a positive cash flow situation. If this is your scenario, you may feel like you no longer have to participate in the recession.

Housing prices may have declined but with all the people needing rentals because of foreclosure, the rental housing market is booming. If you have an attractive rental property you will have no problem finding a tenant.

In July alone an estimated 92,000 homes were foreclosed on. Investment possibilities are endless. Just make sure that if you do invest in properties that you make them as appealing as possible to the prospective renters you will no doubt have practically knocking down the door. Go ahead and use this free property investment advice to decrease the impact the recession has on your life.