Seniors Dating – Dont Let Anxiety Stop You

It’s an unfortunate fact, but many seniors will experience a lot of nervousness and anxiety when they start thinking about getting back into the social scene and dating again. Even if the senior person doesn’t feel much of this anxiety prior to setting up the date, the first date has a way of frazzling even the most steady of nerves.

This is normal. While we would like to think we are well beyond feeling like giddy teenagers, there is something about dating that can bring many of those same feelings back. While the nervousness and anxiety seem logical to the person experiencing those feelings, in reality, the feelings are almost always a product of an overly active imagination. Again, this is normal. But, keep this in mind; Seniors dating today are not facing any more pressure compared to their younger days. And may actually have fewer external pressures than they used to.

Regardless of how old you are, dating does not have to begin as a long-term commitment. All too often, seniors dating will feel as though time is running short for them to find a lifelong partner. They are also concerned that if they do meet someone with whom they’d like a long-term relationship, starting a close relationship isn’t practical because they are “getting too old”.

That simply is not true in any way, shape or form. You can help put your mind at ease if you approach dating as a way of getting to know someone, and not about finding Mr. or Miss Right. The key, then, is to not give into the self-imposed pressure of a ticking clock, but to relax and enjoy dating for what it is: a way of making new friends. It may or may not lead to a more serious relationship, but make it a rule to have fun first, and the pressure will disappear.

Also, as with any other segment of the dating population, seniors will usually be most compatible with those who are in the same age range. This is a good thing, because it typically means that they will share many of the same life experiences; giving them common ground on which to build. Leaving the workforce, losing a spouse and having grandchildren are a few examples.

Regardless of what they have been through, as far as seniors dating goes, they have more of an opportunity to share their memories, experiences, milestones and special moments with somebody else who has a deeper meaning what those things really mean.

As mentioned, anxiety and fear are normal for seniors dating. However, those concerns shouldn’t be so strong that they prevent someone from dating. Starting a fun, exciting and new relationship can have a positive impact on the way we look at life; regardless of how old we are.

What are you waiting for? Go out and share your experiences, meet new people and make friends. If it should then so happen, go ahead and move forward to a more intimate and substantial relationship with a person that you no know likes you for who you really are.