Tourists are Invited to Visit Paris

How to plan your tour

How to go camping in France Paris:
Touriste (Tourists) are invited to visit Paris, France to view artiste (Artist Performers) and enjoy a stay at some of the finest hotels. In Paris, you can enjoy téléphérique (Teleferic transportation on aerial tramway, lifts, etc. These cable cars and/or ropeways will take you through the mountains of Paris. It is best to travel in these cars when il’ fait mauvais. When the weather is fine, you will enjoy a fabulous view of the mountains around Paris.

If you plan to camp in the mountains do not forget to bring your tente (Tent) so that you can build a campfire and enjoy the remarkable wildlife, environmental captions and more. While camping perhaps, you can tendre (Extend or reach out) your Terre (Earth or ground) and visit the many sites in Paris mountains. Throughout the mountains of Paris are luscious scenery, outstanding natural landscapes and resorts along the way.

While camping in Paris you will enjoy many attractions as well as activities. If you plan a camping tour to Paris, expect to enjoy parks, swimming pools, bicycling, and more. On some camping trips, you will have the opportunity to shop. You can travel to and from campsites in Paris to visit restaurants, bars, supermarkets, exciting buildings and more as well.

Paris offers you the opportunity to camp at gorgeous country landscape manors where you will rest inside the most beautiful gardens around. Once you are finished with your day of camping perhaps, you would like to visit town to enjoy café au lait, or coffee with milk. You may enjoy a tasty gáteau as well. (Cake)

How to choose campsites:
In Paris, you have a wide array of campsites to choose. Lake Garda is one of Paris’s nicest campgrounds. Here you will enjoy a twist of Italy as you feast on Paris’s gorgeous lake. Along the slopes of the lake are beautiful sandy beaches where you can cool after a long day of sightseeing. The Bella Italia brings you a variety of water-based enjoyment.

The campground is near the charming Paris Peschiera. The areas around here are in walking distance, which gives you a wide array of shopping arenas, bars and restaurants.

Around this camping arena, you can travel to the lovely premier theme parks, including Garland. In the distance, you may want to take your children to the fabulous water park and Caneva World.

Barcelona also has some nice camping areas. Vilanova Park is located near this campsite. If you intend to take the children, be ware since your children will have the time of their life while you sit and bite your nails. This campsite offers children free clubs that are suitable for children of all ages. The clubs include the Tiger, T-co and the Paw club.

Some of the greatest campsites in Paris are located in various areas around Cote d’ Azur, Languedoc, Aquitaine, Vendee, Charente Maritime, and Brittany. Cote d’ Azur got its name from the shape of the campsites. Charente Maritime received its name from the Charente River, which at West France. The river flows into the Atlantic Ocean stretching from Charente-Maritime, Vienne, Rochechouart, Haute-Vienne, and the department of Haute-Vienne.

If you plan to camp in the lovely Paris area, you may want to spend your holidays at the magnificent Brittany. Breton has a rich cultural background, which its myths bring home folk art, folk music and the legends of the past. Throughout the campground, you will enjoy coves, villages, lighthouses, ivy vines and more. You will definitely enjoy the grounds where giants of the past sorceries once walked.