Two Days to go

The last few days before your move will be a blur of final packing, cleaning, touching up, organizing and sleeplessness. You’ll probably want to take time off work, if you haven’t done so already, and devote all of your time to finishing your preparations for the move. Everything should be in place for you by now – if not, you should follow up on any loose ends that will affect your first days in your new house as soon as possible.

At two days to go, if you haven’t got a van with power points, you’ll need to start defrosting your freezer. Easier said than done, but it saves you having to clean up water in the van, or worse, damaging your boxes and bags because your freezer has leaked. Any food you’re using now should be as minimal prep as possible, so that you can pack any tins, cans, pots and pans you have left over.
Final checks with your utilities should also be made – hopefully, you’ll have managed to either transfer or connect a new phone number at your new house, so you can start updating contact details. You should also phone your doctors surgery/local health care provider, or church group to let them know you’re going to be at a new address.

Many people appreciate personalized notices that their friends and family have moved – so you should send out the last of those items now. You may also want to consider a ‘house cooling’ party – use paper plates and disposable cups and make an adventure of it – you could even talk your family and friends into some last minute packing/painting help.

You can also ensure that any schools, health practitioners or other regular visitors or places you regularly go to have your new contact details, if necessary. Some schools require an address of a new school to release children’s records to, so its important, if you can, to give them.