How To Reverse A Break Up

If you are wondering how to reverse a break up, I’ve got some fairly simple suggestions for you. Obviously, I can’t promise you anything but this is as good a place to start as any. If you let things get so bad that your SO thought a break up was his or her only option, here is where you need to start when trying to make it all better.

1. Accept Responsibility – Yup, and this may be hard for you but you need to accept responsibility for whatever part you played in the break up. This is the biggest and best thing you can do to try to get your relationship back on track. If your ex will listen, explain that you know what happened and understand that they were hurt by it. Tell them you will do whatever it takes to not let anything like that happen again. Admit you had a moment of weakness and didn’t take their feelings or the possible consequences into consideration.

2. Apologize – With as much sincerity as you can come up with. Really mean it. Saying you are sorry for something you have done wrong is important and you would be surprised how healing it can be for both of you. It will also show your ex that now, at least, you are paying attention to how and what he or she are feeling. Apologizing may start to put you back into his or her good graces.

3. Get Help – No one is perfect and we all could use a little guidance from time to time. A good relationship counselor can show you ways on how to reverse a break up. It would be best to go to a relationship counselor together but if your ex won’t go with you, by yourself. Once your ex sees the positive changes you are making, he or she might just agree to give it a shot.

4. Talk – Don’t argue and don’t talk at each other. Arguing will not accomplish anything and will only leave you both feeling worse about your situation. So stay calm and each of you take as much time as you need and just get everything out. Take notes if you have to. Then start to talk through each issue until you work things out and you both understand where each other is coming from.

It is said that trust is the basis of every good relationship. When you are in a committed relationship you give your trust to that particular person and hope he or she will cherish it and hold it dear to their heart. When that trust is broken the one who trusted you feels betrayed and now vulnerable to the world because not only do they not trust you but they cannot trust themselves anymore. So if you want to know how to reverse a break up work hard and take the time to gain that person’s trust back.