Planning a Day of Learning in Paris

How to plan a day of learning:
When wanting to learn about the history of Paris there are a few things to do like maybe go to the local library or maybe your local travel agent can help. The Internet will help also. In the meantime, I will provide you a few basics to consider.

Hotels in Paris:
The first thing you want to do while in Paris is to enjoy a hardy breakfast. Most hotels in Paris serve healthy breakfast buffets and/or continental breakfast. Breakfast is the best way to start your day. If you prefer, you can also visit your choice of restaurants in Paris to enjoy a hardy breakfast.

Once you finish breakfast, if you haven’t already planned perhaps you and your family can sit down and discuss the day’s activities, entertainment and so on.

If you don’t want to drive, Paris has a selection of taxi services. You also can Hop On and Hop Off the bus. Perhaps you would enjoy a train ride. Paris offers you a choice of travel accommodations.

How to choose educational adventures in Paris:
Paris has a wide array of educational programs. Perhaps your children would enjoy a stroll through Triomphe Gardens followed by a visit to the Eiffel Towers. In addition, your children may enjoy visit a wide selection of landmarks in Paris. Perhaps the children would enjoy a visit at the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. The building was structured in Napoleon’s era in the eighteenth centuries. The building is designed of décor roses made of marble on columns of stretched landmarks with a front panel. The ceiling alone is 21 feet high; as well, another 9 feet of arches surround a 14 feet environment.

The Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile is another area your children may enjoy. The monument surrounds the hills of Chaillot, which is at the center of the star-shaped configured 12 Redialing Avenue. The building is 162 feet. Soldiers were sheltered under this arch in the early 1900s.

On the banks of the Seine River located in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, which faces the river and the Palais de Chaillot. This monument sets the landmark of the 1930s. You have the world’s exhibition where the last regal Paris exhibition resided. This building is the landmark for Paris’s 2nd hugest empire. As mentioned, the Chaillot is a navy-based establishment where you will enjoy views of model ships that span down back to 300 years. The museum has an enjoyable fountain made of metal. The fountain is situated in the Palais Garden de Chaillot. Rollers prance about the fountain.

If you prefer, you can visit the Internet or your local travel agent to learn about other Paris attractions. If you choose to visit the Chaillot, you may also want to visit the Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Médaille Miraculeuse. (NOTE: The Chapel of Notre-Dame is marked as the Médaille known as (Flat metal pieces of various shapes, which were awarded during war for bravery) Miraculeuse in French means miracle. This landmark sets the true definition, since its original foundation marked the Holy Virgin. That is, the Virgin visited Catherine Labouré. She visited this famous woman in Rue du Bac. During the 18th centuries, the Virgin handed Catherine a Miraculeuse medal. Today, millions of pilgrims visit the establishment where celebrations of fervent memorials are held.

When planning a visit to Paris make sure that you plan to save time. If you know where you want to visit, it will help you maneuver around one of the largest City’s in the world. Paris has many attractions, entertainment, sites, and more for your convenience.