Popular Formula D Driver Sponsors

When it comes to Formula D and sponsors, there is quite a bit of focus that is placed on the sport, as a whole. There are a large number of companies that sponsor Formula D events, as a whole. However, there are also companies that sponsor individual drivers. In fact, almost all Formula D drivers have at least one sponsor, many have more than one. As Formula Drifting increases in popularity, so do the number of fans that tune into programming or show up for events. For that reason, you will find that a fairly large number of product manufacturers, for well known products, are making the decision to sponsor a driver.

Samuel Hubinette can easily be considered one of the most well known and well performing Formula D drivers. In fact, he already has one championship underneath his belt. This popular driver is sponsored by quite a few companies; this is a sign of his popularity and his outstanding performance. In addition to being sponsored by BF Goodrich, a popular tire manufacturer, Hubinette is also sponsored by Mopar. Mopar is a division of Daimler-Chrysler that specializes in vehicle care, including maintenance and parts. Additional sponsors for Hubinette include Toxic Drift and Nu Formz Racing.

Rhys Millen, along with Samuel Hubinette, can easily be considered one of the top drifters in the sport of Formula Drifting. As with Hubinette, the number of sponsors speaks for itself. Rhys Millen is most well known for being sponsored by Red Bull, the popular energy drink. In fact, Red Bull is one of the most popular and well known sponsors of a Formula D driver. Additional sponsors of Millen’s include Pontiac, Rotora, RMR Products, and Bridgestone Tire.

Tanner Foust, another popular Formula D driver, also has quite a few sponsors. His tire sponsor is that of Toyo Tires. Although not as popular as the Red Bull energy drink, Foust is sponsored by Unbound Energy Drink. Additional sponsors include Memphis Car Audio, AEM, and Motegi Racing Wheels.

Ken Gushi, a well known Japanese drifter, is often referred to as “The Future.” This nickname was derived from his success, while still at a young age. With many other popular Formula D drivers, you can see that Gushi is successful with the number of sponsors that he has. He is currently sponsored by Toyo Tires, Ford Racing, JLine Wheels, and Gushi Auto.

Do you notice a common bond with many of these driver sponsors? A wide variety of these sponsors are targeting those who are fans of Formula Drifting. Many of these fans are car lovers themselves. Therefore, the sponsors seem to have some relation to cars or auto parts. In addition to tire sponsors, sponsors are regularly found for specific vehicle models, car parts, car care companies, and much more. As with what is happening with NASCAR, the hopes of these sponsors is that the fans will purchase their products; thus making their sponsorships worthwhile.

Of course, in addition to the above mentioned Formula Drifting drivers, there are additional drivers that participate in professional drifting. In fact, it is not uncommon to have an event turn out with around forty drivers, sometimes even more. Many of these drivers all have different, unique sponsors. If you would like more information on these drivers, as well as their sponsors, you are advised to visit the online website for the Formula Drift Championship. That online website can be found at www.formulad.com.


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