Tralee Golf Club: Heavens Link Course in Earth

A game that is centuries old, golf has grown extremely popular that many lands have been clipped and mowed, mountains and sand dunes sculptured and traps are set and trees are moved just so man can have a golf course that they can have fun on. More than just a stick and a ball, a quiet round of golf has forged many partnerships, bonded new friendships and has given a sense of peace and relaxation like no other.

As each man develops the passion for the game, playing in his local golf course wouldn’t just suffice. The golf links in Ireland would pose a great challenge to his ability to play the game with its treacherous winds and fantastic sand dunes. A golf vacation trip in Ireland is definitely in order and as soon one has the time and has saved up the money for the trip, a dedicated golfer would never pass up the chance to play in a vacation golf spot in Ireland.

And when it is indeed time to pack up your bags and golf equipment, there is definitely one golf links course that should be on the top of every list, the Tralee Golf Club.

Its designer itself, the legendary Arnold Palmer said that the Tralee Golf Club was the most ideal piece of land he had ever seen for a golf course and he shared the glory with God saying that he designed the first nine holes and God did the back nine. Every golfer is advised to play the course twice, the first one for the game and the second one to enjoy the scenery.

The Tralee Golf Club was first instituted in 1896, with a nine-hole course in Tralee. Then after a year,another nine-hole course was started in Fenit found on the southwest side of the Barrow Harbor. In 1984, Arnold Palmer designed the present course in Barrow. He earned lots of creditsa for his design as he used the natural flora and landscape without having to barely alter the land. This created a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind course that 5 holes in the back nine situated along the Atlantic Ocean.

But aside from playing, you can also enjoy your vacation spending time with your family and friends in the Tralee Golf Club Clubhouse. There you can find a restaurant that provides a remarkable and amazing view of the golf course and its terrain. You can have meals consisting of fresh seafoods and steaks which are the local specialties. Brought to you by a gracious staff, you can have a very memorable dining experience.

Just finished playing, a pint of Guinness can be best enjoyed in the bar where glass walls provide a pleasant view of the links as you discuss the day’s game. You may also lounge at the balcony for the same stunning view and have your meals there as well.

But aside from that, the Tralee Golf Club also provides world class amenities that you can definitely enjoy. You can use their roomy dressing rooms with locker facilities. Relax in the steam room and rinse off in the specially designed shower areas.

The Tralee Golf Club club shop offers also everything you may need to make your game enjoyable. There is also a putting green and a practice area to hone your skills and play that game of your life.

With all of what Tralee Golf Club has to offer, it is certainly a golf vacation spot many golfers would keep coming back to.