Universal Studios Tours – Incredible Rides

If you are looking for fun, thrills, and adventure,
Universal Studios is the place to go. There are rides
that will thrill you and rides that will scare you
senseless. From caves to the air, there is something
to please all of the thrill seekers out there.

Start your day with Revenge of the Mummy. This is
a psychological thrill ride that is unlike anything you
have ever experienced. This is a roller coaster ride in
total darkness. Traveling at a very high speed, you
will have many terrifying creatures jumping out at you.
If your heart is still beating and you think you can
handle more, your next stop should be Jurassic Park:
The Ride.

Jurassic Park may seem a bit tame after Revenge
of the Mummy, but it is still great fun, and there are
still many thrills. This ride entails you riding a raft
which is slowly being cranked up. Dinosaurs of
various breeds appear out of nowhere while you are
going up. Suddenly, you and your raft are falling
quickly downhill, and the ride ends with a huge
splash that leaves you soaked! Make sure you
bring a change of clothes, because you will want
to move on to Back to the Future.

Back to the Future will have you riding in a car like
the one on the movie. The scenes from the movie
literally come to life, and many people experience
motion sickness…so if you are prone to motion
sickness, you may want to skip this one. Other
attractions not to miss if you enjoy thrills include
Nickelodeon Blast Zone, Van Helsing: Fortress
Dracula, the Special Effects Stages, and Shrek 4-D.

If you get scared easily, you may want to avoid these
thrill rides and attractions. They are also not
recommended for very young children, pregnant
women, or people with heart conditions. People with
anxiety issues should avoid these attractions as well.
There are many tamer rides and attractions that can
be enjoyed in the park if the thrill seeking rides aren’t
suitable for you.

The purpose of going to the park is to have fun. If the
thrill rides and attractions scare you to the point
where it isn’t fun anymore, than they should be
avoided. Don’t allow others in your party to coerce you
into visiting the attractions that scare you too badly.
Again, there are many attractions at Universal Studios
Tours that are suitable for those who aren’t comfortable
with the thrill seeking rides – so don’t think that you
can’t have a good time without getting scared

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