Who regulates pre-paid legal plans?

Pre-paid legal service providers are required to provide either a written
agreement of the services provided in their plans, or at least a written
communication concerning the services covered, together with the fees to
be charged for services not covered in the written agreement of membership.

However, most people gloss over “terms and conditions” and just sign the
agreement assuming they are covered for most legal services. This usually
gives rise to frequent complaints about the service, fee disputes and
complaints about attorneys.

Generally, if you have any complaint with your service, you should first
address any such complaint with your service provider. Contact them to get
information regarding their in-house complaint process and settlement of
disputes. If you are unsatisfied, then it helps to know who regulates your
kind of legal insurance.

Your state’s Department of consumer affairs licenses and regulates all
pre-paid legal plans. Prepaid legal service companies are required to
register with the department prior to commencing business and appoint a
sales representative. Further regulation can be provided by your local bar
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