How to Craft the May Wall hanging Baskets

There is nothing like the fresh smell of spring when the flowers start to bloom, and the trees grow its natural colors. The only thing that can truly set off the natural beauty of spring is the fabulous May wall hanging baskets. I hope that you have some idea how to craft, since having a basic knowledge will help you move along smoothly. Otherwise, let’s hope you can follow directions if you intend to make your own basket.

To get started you will need materials. The materials should include 1/3 yard of fabric print, such as the beige, fawn, manila, camel, or other off-white shade. The material is used to create your back settings; as well, as add tone to a few of your blocks you will build to complete your basket.

You will need ½ yard of fabric print, such as the lighter shades of brown. The brown will help you create a beautiful outer border as well as make squares for your basket. Purchase ¾ yards of fabric print, such as the “medium brown.” The brown is used to create your handles and basket. Buy 1/3 yard of fabric print, such as the green to complete your sashing duties. You will need 35 x 30 inches of “Low-loft” pieces of fabric as well for batting. Buy 1/3 yard of “floral print.” Make sure the background is offset with white, which will help you bind and create your internal borders. Purchase 123 x 3 inches of scrap. Purchase a variety of greens to create your foliage, or leaves. You will need 64 x 4 inches of scrap to create flowers. You may prefer pink. You will need 62 x 2 inches of yellow assorted square fabrics to create the centers of your flowers. The backdrop is set off with coordinated fabrics, which you need 35 x 30 inches of pieces to complete.

Your quilt will have a finishing size at 33 x 28 inches, and the blocks will have a finishing size of 8 x 10 inches. You should purchase 6-strands of embroidery cotton floss. The shades are optional; however, since the quilt you are creating as flower knots designed in French, you may want to consider the dark and light pinks. Your thread should be the all-purpose, which include the colors light brown, green, pink, and yellow. Purchase 12 x 36 inches of freezer paper, specifically the waxed paper. You will need 2 yards of satin ribbons (Yellow) to create your bows. The satin should be around ½ inches widthwise, which the bows once finished will strap to your handles on the basket.

How to trace your handles:
Now you are ready to trace the handles of your basket. Use your off shades of white fabrics, (off white) and cut out your, A-Rectangle. You will need six, and measuring at 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches. Once you have your rectangles cut out, you will need to fold them in half and then press. Pressing will mark the core of your quilt. The fold you create is your mark. Once you fold the material in half, open, and draw your post handle lines. At the end of your task you want to expand your prefigure 200%. Now you are ready to trace your copies. On each of your rectangles created, begin tracing. The copies are your guide to cut and create your handles.

Once you finish the project you will move onto create the blocks for your basket. The process is eight easy steps and you will have finished your block building steps in how to craft the May wall hanging basket.