6 Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Relationships are all about discovering as much as possible about someone that you are attracted to. The relationships that last are the relationships that have strong connections. These connections can often be over the stupidest and most insignificant details of life. Asking questions about these insignificant details can lead to fun conversations, but may also lead to a stronger relationship. Use these 6 fun questions to ask your boyfriend to make some of those interesting and important connections.

What is the Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

For some men, this can be something crazy that they have done with their best friends in college. For others, this can be something they did on their own that seems out-of-character. Talk to them about the things that they have enjoyed that may seem somewhat crazy. This conversation can spark great memories and great feelings.

What Was Your Favorite TV Show as a Kid?

Some of the greatest connections that we have with one another may have happened before we knew one another. Talking about things that you both loved as kids will bring up a fun nostalgic feeling that can bring about new bonds in your relationship.

What is Your Guilty Pleasure?

Everyone has a guilty pleasure that they may be embarrassed by. If your boyfriend is the shy type, ask him about his guilty pleasures. His answers may surprise you; helping him to indulge in those guilty pleasures can bring an entirely new level of connection to your relationship.

What Is the Worst Song on Your MP3 Player?

While you may think that you know your boyfriend’s musical tastes, you may not know his musical embarrassments. Talk to him about the songs on his iPod that may be embarrassing; these conversations help to bring a little fun and humor into a regular conversation.

What is Your Favorite Body Part?

A fun and simple question that you can ask your boyfriend actually involves you more than it involves him. Ask him what his favorite body part on you is. This simple and fun question may turn your boyfriend on, helping to bring some passion and excitement into your relationship.

What is Your Fantasy?

Everyone has some sort of sexual fantasy. Ask your boyfriend, point blank, what his sexual fantasy is. Indulging in your boyfriend’s sexual fantasies can be a way to make a strong sexual connection with one another.

These questions are simply starters, working to give you some ideas as to what to ask your boyfriend. Try to think of as many small and interesting questions as possible to ask your boyfriend. The more questions you ask, the more you learn, and the more possible connections you may have. Utilize these 6 fun questions to ask your boyfriend to strengthen your relationship.