Divorce, rebuild your life, make new friends (how to find new friends)

So you have just gone through a divorce and you now feel the need to find new friends. Maybe you just relocated to get away from your ex and all the people who take a role in your divorce, or maybe it is because you have lost all the “friends” in the divorce.

Either way you know that there are dozens of new people that you can be friends with. If you still aren’t in the mood to go out, but you still feel the need to reach out to someone, try the Internet. You don’t have to go online looking for love or a new boyfriend/girlfriend. You can go online to find someone to talk to and become good friends. This person can be male or female and they can be there to talk to without judgments. The Internet is great too because it has false security. You can interrupt their words anyway that you would like.

You don’t have any body language to help you decode the messages and you can’t hear their tone of voice. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it’s a bad thing. You can be whomever you want to. You may be depressed and embarrassed about your divorce, but to them you can be a single person who has never been married. You get to write your own story line to make yourself feel better about your situation. You can find comfort from this person much like a person that you’ve been friends with forever.

If you want to reach out for serious friendship you may want to spend more time with friends and family. They can introduce you to some people who are in close proximity to you and you can begin a relationship with them. If you are looking for someone to be more than just partner for game night, you can also ask some of your friends if they can hook you up with someone who you might like. Although blind dates always seem so horrible, you will find that you may fall in love with a person who you met through a friend. Never judge a situation before you enter the picture because you never know what you may find in a person.

If you believe that you need some new friends because you are so depressed, it may not be a friendship that you need, but some medical attention. If you believe that you are so depressed than you need to reach out and get some help so that you can be happier. Some people find that drugs, alcohol, or even involving themselves more at work is the solution to the depression. Just because you cannot think about how sad are you doesn’t mean you aren’t. When you start to self medicate or overwork yourself, you are only adding more fuel to the fire. It’s not healthy.

If you would like to reconnect with an old flame that you recently saw again, then you have no reason not to go for it. There is no reason why any one should feel that they couldn’t ask another person on a date because they have just been divorced. Your divorced, your single, and you should go seek out dating opportunities, as well as other friendships. A friend is what keeps you young. Friends can help you get over your divorce, as well as, your depression.