Five Things You Need to Do When Buying a Snowboarding Jacket

You may want to consider investing on a snowboard jacket before hitting the slopes on winter. Although it is important to have a good snowboard and other snowboard clothing accessories, spending a few more cash on your snowboard jacket will make this winter sport activity more fun and pleasurable. Remember that your jacket creates your distinctive mark among other snowboarders on the slopes. This also serves as your protection from the extreme cold making you warm and dry throughout the run. Don’t think twice when you’re buying a good snowboard jacket. Eventually, you will appreciate its great value making it your best friend at the end of the season. Here are the things you should do before making that sound investment.

Check the Price Range

When checking for the prices of jackets, you should not just be concerned on whether it fits your budget. You need to ask yourself why it is price at that. The big differences in the prices of jackets lie on the amount of jacket venting and the quality of its waterproofing. These are the two factors where the bulk of your money goes. Basically, standard jackets lack venting or added waterproofing. On the other hand, more expensive jackets will provide more vents and will have extra waterproofing to keep you dry.

Check for Jacket Breathability

When buying a jacket, you should want something that you can use comfortably during extreme cold conditions and during warmer days. You can check the flexibility of your jacket by checking for vents. The vent allows your jacket to breath. It lets out perspiration out and it also allows the jacket to release extra warmth. Before buying a jacket, look for zippers that open at the arms as well as at the chest or back that will enable you to free some of the heat.

Check the Waterproof Material

Although you can probably get a bargain by buying inexpensive jackets that has waterproofing, these jackets usually have waterproof coating that wears off over time. This, in turn, will require you to buy another one leaving you spending more than what you actually thought had saved. Meanwhile expensive jackets do not just have waterproof coating but are essentially made of a waterproof material. Top of the line jackets will also have added features that will help you like taped seams or insulated zippers.

Check the Insulation

Like in waterproofing, checking for insulation needs meticulous inspection. The goal is to buy a snowboard jacket that will maintain your core temperature and protect you from developing hypothermia. Look for a jacket that allows you to pad several layers of clothing underneath it depending on the weather. If you have low resistance to cold temperature, it is advisable to look for a jacket that has a built-in insulation. However, remember that a good jacket gives you enough insulation while at the same time giving you enough mobility.

Check for Added Features

When checking for added features, inspect the jacket for extra pockets for your goggles, some handy tools, snack, water, etc. Check the design if it has a hood preferably a detachable one that can be removed during good weather and can be attached during a stormy day. Check for cuffs too. These are good for keeping out chilly breeze from entering your sleeves.