Home remedy to stop the nuisance-snoring spray

Fact: 90 million of the American population snore when asleep. And over three fourths of this had to spend solitary slumber because they either cannot take the complaints of their mates or the complainants can no longer take their noise. In either way, snoring indeed has contributed to some people’s misery.

Snoring pesters the best part of the day-relaxation, as it occurs during sleep. Sound is produced by vibration of an object, and so does the noise. Snoring occurs when the palate muscle or the uvula at the back of the throat vibrates or a physical obstruction affects breathing process when asleep. Another cause could be excessive fat at the back of throat which narrows the airways.

Some people snore almost every night, some snore occasionally or when they fall asleep on their back while others snore when they take medicines and when they are sick. But no matter what, snoring surely is a nuisance to others aside from yourself. And when you can’t find a remedy to this, you’ll end up sleeping alone for all your life.

The troubles brought about by snoring are not only true among men. Yes, even women snore! This could be quite embarrassing, though snoring could be adversely affected by age and not by sex. Interestingly, the percentage of men who snore is twice that of women.

Modern science had been finding ways to solve the problem on snoring. Products such as sprays, cream or mouth apparatus had been designed to stop the noise. These products could be used at home, although a medical advice should be sought before trying any of these. In cases where snoring can no longer be cured by simple home remedies, a complicated medical procedure could be tried.

The most popular snore remedies are the sprays. It’s because sprays are convenient and easy to use. They could be made of herbal oils, plant extracts or a preparation of chemical ingredients. The common herbals added to sprays are olive, almond, and sunflower oils. Along with other vitamins, they could work effectively. Plus, there are flavors added to the sprays to provide fresh breath when you wake up in the morning. So it can as well function as breath freshener!

The effect of sprays could last for up to eight hours. At least after the duration, you would already be awake.

The precautions when using the sprays should be followed. Normally, the spray is applied after brushing the teeth and when about to sleep already. Drinking another glass of water before spraying is advisable. But it must be noted that sprays are prohibited to be used after taking liquids which have high acid concentrations such as orange juice. If done so, the throat must be cleared first by drinking a lot of water.

Snoring is not just a mere nuisance, it can at worse aggravate health problems such as hypertension and heart troubles. It can lead to stroke, and if not given the proper attention, it can increase the risk of sudden death. So finding home remedies against your snoring will not only help your sleeping mates, more so, it saves you from serious health problems.

Sleep well, and sleep with a snoring spray that will work for you. It will take care of you while you’re in the voyage of dreams.