Installing Mini Blinds

The first thing to do, is to determine the position
of the mini blinds, deciding if they will be inside
or outside of the window. Inside mounting will look
more customized, although outside mounting will
provide better control of lighting.

For inside frame mounting, measure the width between
the points where the brackets will be placed; top,
middle, and bottom. Record the narrowest of the
measurements you receive. Now, measure the length
from the top inside casing of the windowsill. At
least 1 inch of flat surface will be needed on the
inside casing in order to attach the brackets.

For outside frame mounting, you’ll need to measure
the overall width of the area to be covered. Hang
your mini blinds outside of the frame if there is
less than 1″ of flat surface on the inside casing.
The measurement should overlap the window by at
least 1 1/2″ on each side.


1. Determine if you want inside or outside
mounting, and measure your window accordingly.
2. After you have purchased the correct
size of mini blinds, remove the window stop from
the top of the window on the window casing.
3. Screw the brackets that came with your
blinds to the side window casing at the top, using
either two or three screws per bracket.
4. With the wand on the left and the lift
cord on the right, slide the mini blinds into the
brackets you just installed.
5. Once you have the mini blinds in place,
secure the caps over the brackets.
6. If the blinds are too long, remove the
slats from the bottom of them, as this should help
to get them to the appropriate height.

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