Killarney (Killeen) Golf and Fishing Club: Experience Playing In This Old and One of a Kind Golf Course

Situated in the Southwest of Ireland, the Killarney (Killeen) Golf and Fishing Club is blessed with one of the most beautiful golf landscapes in the world. It is comprised of wonderful golf courses with a natural lakeside to add to the beauty and is also considered as the “Nearest Golf Club to Heaven”.

Killarney Golf and Fishing Club has a magnificent backdrop of the MacGillycuddy Reeks, the highest mountain range in Ireland, and lies three unique lakeside courses that can accommodate beginners in golf as well as professionals.

Golf has been played in Killarney since the 19th century. Since then, they still provide and in fact, improved the course to share it with golf aficionados from all over the world. The wonderful game of golf can never really be truly enjoyed if you haven’t played in Killarney Golf and Fishing Club before.

Killeen is one of the courses in Killarney and is considered as the jewel in the crown. It has been reopened in 2006 and offers spectacular lakeside scenery and will also provide a challenge to long hitters. It offers water features on nearly every hole and fast greens. Nick Faldo is only one of the three players to finish the Killeen course under par. But then again, that was before the changes in 2006. Today, the Killeen course offer a more challenging course that will definitely test your skills as a golfer.

Killeen has a difficulty level that is recommended for advanced golfers. With tight tree lined fairways, and water features on nearly every hole, it will test your golfing skills to the limit. Adding to the challenge are large, fast undulating greens. This course proves to be an equal balance between beauty and challenge.

Killarney Golf and Fishing Club is known to be one of the oldest, internationally recognized, and well established golf clubs in Ireland. It has over 1,700 members from around the world and is still increasing. The Club’s location is one of the most enviable locations in the world.

Killarney has a long golf history. It was founded in 1893 and since then, it went through a lot of development and renovation until it became one of the best golfing locations in the world and it hosted a lot of high profile golf events throughout the years.

Killarnet Golf and Fishing Club have a wide range of amenities that will satisfy your golfing needs. They have a pro shop where you can purchase the latest high profile golf clubs in the market and other golfing apparels that you would want to purchase as souvenirs.

Killarney Golf and Fishing Club also have a place for beginners and advanced golfers alike to learn or improve their golfing skills. The Killarney Academy has helped countless golfers improve their skills in playing the wonderful game of golf. They are also known to build fine golfers in the world with world renowned instructors to help their students achieve that perfect golf swing and perfect golf form.

If you plan on staying in Killarney for a few days, then you should consider staying at their luxurious accommodations that will rival the best hotels in the world. Another feature that Killarney offers is the Clubhouse. They have parking spaces for guests, they have practice facilities where you can improve your swing, this is also the place to hire caddies, and they also have a locker room facility to accommodate your needs as a golfer.

The Killarney Clubhouse also has a restaurant that is known to serve first-class cuisines and let you fully relax after a long game of golf with your friends.

Playing golf has never been as enjoyable. Killarney Golf and Fishing Club is definitely the place you have to be to play golf and also be on the nearest golf club to heaven.