La Jolla Village Tour

A trip to sunny La Jolla isn’t complete with a tour
of the city’s downtown area, known by locals as the
village. With trendy shops, galleries, and nice
places to eat, La Jolla Village is something you need
to tour on foot to appreciate.

If you are traveling from a distance and must drive
to the village, parking is not easy. The downtown
streets offer two hour free parking, although your
best bet will probably be one of the garages along
Fay Avenue where a flat rate will ease your mind of
parking worries for the entire day.

Once you have found a place to park, you should
begin your tour at the corner of Fay Avenue and
Prospect Street. Here, you’ll find some of the most
famous restaurants in the downtown area, including
Moondoggie’s and Il Forno.

As you pass by the restaurants, you’ll see the
Arcade Building, which resembles an old hybrid
style. The Arcade Building leads to an alleyway
with many specialty shops.

After you explore the treasures of the Arcade Building
alley, continue your tour North along Prospect
Street and you’ll come to a stretch of art galleries.
If you appreciate art, you’ll love everything
the village has to offer you.

Just across the street from the art galleries,
you’ll find The Grande Colonial Hotel. This hotel
is famous and well known for its rate of $1 per
day since the opening in 1913, has been renovated
many times and now ranks as one of the best
landmarks in La Jolla Village.

As you continue your walk down Prospect Street,
you’ll encounter Girard Avenue, which offers
you plenty of shops and eateries.

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