Morbidly Obese Women – You Should Take Action Now Or Die Earyly

If you fall into the morbidly obese women category or know someone who does, you need to take action immediately. Your body mass index i.e. the measurement of fat based on weight and height is likely to be over 35. Ideally you want that to be in the 20 to 25 range.

Being this obese, you are seriously at risk of dying prematurely. Your chances of having diabetes, cancer, stroke or high blood pressure are significantly higher than a slim women with a similar lifestyle and age. The good news is that every pound you lose will have a positive impact on your health so there is no time like the present to start.

Forget about surgery for now. Some people think that gastric band surgery is the only option but it isn’t. It is dangerous, doesn’t always work and most doctors will not recommend it unless you have tried everything else. Unless your doctor recommends weight loss pills forget about them as well. You need to find a long term solution to the problem as otherwise you are going to be forever dieting and putting it all back on again.

If you want children, you must get rid of the excess weight as it adversely affects your fertility levels but also can lead to serious complications in pregnancy. So if you need additional motivation to lose the excess pounds perhaps you have just found it.

From today, start reducing your portion size and throw out all the ready meals even those with the word diet on it. Drink water and the odd fruit juice but forget about diet sodas, coffee, tea and obviously alcohol. Keep your meals small and regular as this will kick your metabolism up a notch. Make sure you get plenty of sleep as this will help to regulate your hormones which will in turn help prevent you from snacking. Women need adequate supplies of vitamin b to keep their hormones on an even keel. This is especially true when your period is due or if you have recently started the menopause. Discuss this with your doctor as he can check your vitamin levels and advise you accordingly. While he is checking this, get him to check your iron levels and thyroid function as well. Thyroid malfunction is common in women and can lead to weight gain.

Your genetics may be linked to your obesity but that is not an excuse to just accept it. You can change your future and prolong your life. You do not need to be categorized in the morbidly obese women category for the rest of your life but only you can do something positive about this. Start today as getting started is the hardest part. As the pounds start to fall off, your motivation level will increase and you will become slimmer. It will take time but by losing excess pounds now, time is something you just may be able to have.