Snowboarding Activities

If you are considering doing some snowboarding activities then I simply must tell you about the kind snow boarding activities that I have tried in the past, and the kind of activities that I intend to try In the future. The fact is that when I first tried snow boarding I had only been skiing a couple of times, so I was really a newbie that was looking to have a little bit of fun and experience some snowboarding activities for the first time.

Me and my friends all decided to go out their and see what kind of fun we were able to have on the slopes, and we sure did have heaps of fun and in fact far more than I would ever have imagined. We went out their, and because we had a rough idea how to ski we were far more cocky than we should have been but that did not stop us from having the most fun in our lives. The slope was very quiet, which just made it so much better. They way you move on a snowboard just makes you feel so much more in control, however you feel like you are taking more risk. When you are skiing it is just that little bit too comfortable at times, but the fact is that you never actually notice it until you give it a try. It really does not surprise me that people are choosing to give up skiing and are taking up snow boarding in its place, lets be honest you cant actually jump on ski’s. So OK, it is possible but you could hardly suggest that they are custom built for doing Ollie’s. That is why I have to tell, you that when I done my first jump on a snowboard and successfully landed it, I was sure to give it a try again, in the future.

Me and my friends all decided that the most fun thing that we could do was have a race down the slope, and this what we done. I was actually very nervous, as I was very anxious to win, but I knew if the worst came to the worst then I could always say that I tried my best, and trying my best is certainly what I done. Over the next minutes as we went done one of the most daring runs on one of our first times I was sure that I was going to win. That is not to say that I was, I could have hit a tree, or took a wrong turn and in the end I done the later. I lost and I was gutted, but the exhilaration just meant that I wanted to do more. I proposed doing it again, and everybody was up for it. It was the fact that when we done the first run, we had managed to grab some “Air-time” and I can assure you if you think that is good on ski’s you have experienced nothing yet.

The main problem with doing this run was that we were failing to abide by the rules of the slope with aggressive turning and twisting. The last run my friend Alan actually pushed Collin into a tree for a laugh. Although most people would not see this as being fun, it was the kind of think that happened based on excitement and I have to tell you that this snow boarding day has to be one the best days of sport that I have ever experienced, and even when I go skiing and snow boarding these days I often think back to the stuff we got up to that day on the slopes. I have to say that skiing just doesn’t seem to compare to snow boarding and it really does not surprise me to see people migrating from snow boarding to skiing at all. The thing is though we really should not compare them, I suppose they are both good in their own way.