Things To Take With You

When you decide to go mountain biking on a long days
ride, there are several things that you should take
with you. Below, you’ll find the essentials that
you should have with you.

1. Back pack – a camelback or mule is a good idea here.
2. Waterproof – the type that packs down very small is
the best to have.
3. Water – you need at least 2 liters for a long ride.
4. Food – sandwiches and energy bars are the best to
have with you to eat.
5. Pump – take a good one with you, as the small mini
pumps are a waste of time and money.
6. Tire levers if you need them.
7. Two small inner tubes.
8. A piece of medium emery paper about 3 inches long
and an inch wide.
9. A cut up tube of Crest for pinch punctures or to use
as a tire boot.
10. A carpet needle.
11. A card of linen thread to repair torn tires.
12. A good chain splitter
13. At least two black pins. You should tape these
to the inside lid of your puncture repair kit.
14. A set of allen wrenches. The penknife style is
the best to get.
15. A small screwdriver.
16. A first aid kit that includes an elastic bandage.
17. A Spokey spoke key.
18. A felt tip pen that will show on inner tubes.
19. Some lunch and phone money.

If you take the above with you, you should have no
problems with long mountain bike rides. Everything on
the above list will serve a purpose, all you have to do
is give them a chance. If you’ve ever been mountain
biking and ran into problems in the past, you should
know first hand just how important the proper supplies
can actually be.

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