Tips For CD Duplication Side Business

The process of CD duplication has arrived in a very
big way. Teenagers these days are using their CD
burners to rip MP3s from their favorite artists and
bands. Companies choose to use CD duplication to
make backups of their software and important

Federal agencies on the other hand, are scrambling
to define and interpret intellectual piracy and
copyright laws as they relate to CD duplication and
the industry of music as a whole. The movie industry
is also seeking how they can profit from using CD
duplication. With so much attention being focused
on CD duplication, now is the ideal time to turn
your home CD duplication hardware into a very
profitable side business.

Believe it or not, you may already have everything
you need to get your CD duplication process going
in the right direction. All you need to get your
business started is a computer, CD burner, CD
duplication software, and a few blank CD-R disks.
Contrary to what you may think, its that easy to
get going.

If you don’t have a computer or a CD burner, you
really shouldn’t worry, as purchasing a CD duplication
device is actually very affordable. The cost of
stand alone CD duplication software has reduced
quite a bit over the years.

Almost all home computers come with internal CD
duplication hardware (CD burners) and some sort
of duplication software as well. CD duplication
media, such as blank CD-R and CD-RW are very
low in price and can be purchased at almost all
retail stores.

The market for your CD duplication service or
company is going to local bands and musicians as
well as small businesses. Local up and coming
bands are often too busy perfecting their sound
to deal with the tedious and time consuming task
of duplicating CDs for their gigs. They also lack
the money to order CDs from the big time CD
duplication companies as well.

The smaller businesses are pretty much the same, as
they are almost always unable to financially
justify having a technical or computer staff to
handle the backup and data storage aspects of their
company. Many times, they will end up forgoing
needed data backups simply because they forget all
about it.

You can however, solve these common gaps, provide
needed service, and earn some nice side money by
starting your own duplication service that caters
to these types of clients. By offering a reasonable
price, fast rate of delivery, and a quality product,
you’ll get many repeat customers and a side
business that will keep busy for as long as you
want it.

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