Unforgettable sites to be seen in Paris

Taking a vacation and don’t know where to go? How about that long awaited vacation to Paris?

There are many sites and activities to be seen in Paris. Have a certain place where you want to go. Talk to you nearest tourist guide and they will be glad to give you some brochures and information. Your tourist guide can also give you prices of each or make up a package of the area and get one price for the whole vacation.

I have some sites that sound great take a look there’s even a Disneyland resort for the children you might be taking along with you. Of course, we all like to go to Disneyland so you’ll enjoy as much as the younger one would. If you want they have a train you can all ride around to see the great sites.

You can also take in a romantic show or two at Paris’s fabulous theatres. There are many shows offered to you all around Paris. Like music take in a concert or two. Some of the shows have three course meals with the ticket when you go to them. Eat, have a few drinks and be merry.

Want to take a tour while you’re in Paris. Check out the Palace of Versailles Tour. It sounds like a fantastic experience combined with a learning tool.

This palace of Versailles is a fantasy of gold, mirrors and marble all over the place. As most tours are an educational experience too, you’ll learn the history and inhabitants revolved around the palace. The Grand Royal Apartments are in here to visit along with the Hall of Mirrors and the Queen’s private apartments too. The Queen’s private apartment sounds like that would me my favorite to see.

Step outside of the Palace and check out the garden sculptures and statues. From the pictures, I’ve seen they are beautiful. The marble vases sitting around would put the final touch to the gardens. Huge vases are beautiful and these were from 1661 on by Charles LeDrun who is a favorite painter of the kings. The tour to the Palace is a four-hour package so get lots of sleep and put your walking shoes on.

Have you heard about the Eiffel Tower? This package is combined with a cruise too. Sounds romantic doesn’t it. You’ll get a tour first with a tour coach revealing the history of the Western Paris. After your tour, you’ll hop on a boat and take a cruise down the River Seine. On your cruise, you’ll learn all about the city’s history and the story behind it. As you finish, the cruise down the river hop out and enjoy the Eiffel Tower. Take your time and enjoy, don’t forget to stop on the second floor and enjoy the sites over Paris.

Do you like castles stop off and visit the Three Loire Valley Castles. They all have names, Chemonceau, Cheverny and Chambord. While here, you’ll hear about the famous Garden of France and get a three-course meal with it.

The Chemonceau gardens will give you a view of the River Cher. One of the castles name is Cheverny, still owned by the original family and furnished with 17th century furniture. In addition, the last one is Chambord the retreat for the French Kings. While visiting the castles, you’ll be invited to a three-course dinner in the French restaurant to finish off your tour of the Three Loire Valley Castles.

Want to get romance in while in Paris take a cruises along the River Seine. The cruises is based on romance, you can brush up on that French you used to know and take in the scenery accompanied with music along with way. You see popular landmarks and hear the history of the city. The banks of the River Seine are known as the World Heritage site.

The list is to name a few sites you can visit in Paris. Check to see if any of these are in the area that you want to go to. Have fun and enjoy.