Where To Stay

During the year 1913, La Jolla’s premiere hotel, The
Grande Colonial, opened its doors for visitors,
charging just $1 a night. Since that time, La
Jolla has blossomed into a resort community, with
modern hotels only helping to enhance the shine
of the community.

No matter if you’re looking for a modern building
and maximum services for a business or romantic
venture, seaside cottage, or vacation – La Jolla’s
accommodations won’t disappoint. For business
travelers, many of La Jolla’s hotels will provide
Internet access, data ports, meeting rooms, and
other types of business services. Leisure visitors
are equally pleased, as hotels here offer breathtaking
views of the Pacific Ocean, coupled with luxury
services and nearby attractions.

Business district
In the high technology side of La Jolla, a number
of modern hotels cater to primarily business
travelers. The Hyatt Regency La Jolla is
conveniently located off I-5. The Hyatt is a sleek,
rusk colored building, with a contemporary building
with incredible business conveniences.

East of I-5, the Marriott La Jolla is located among
a cluster of business establishments, including
corporate buildings. Offering extensive meeting
room space and an executive floor, the Marriott is
very popular among business travelers.

The Village
While the professional area of La Jolla will cater
to business travelers, the village area offers
luxury and romance for leisure travelers. The
Best Western Inn by the sea is located in the middle
of the village, with premium restaurants and shops
seconds away from the lobby.

May consider the most famous hotel in the village
area to be The Grande Colonial, which is very well
known for its $1 per day rate upon opening. The
historical building has been renovated several
times, now with beach views and in close proximity
to the best dining room La Jolla has to offer.

A block away from the ocean is Hotel Parisi, which
is considered by many to be the most luxurious of
all hotels in the entire area of La Jolla. This
Mediterranean style hotel offers plenty of elegance,
from the flowing fountain outdoors to the VIP
seating that’s provided for hotel guests at the
nearby exquisite restaurants.

The Prospect Inn of La Jolla offers style and
extended stay rates while the Cove Suites provides
studio type apartments as well as secretarial
services for the business traveler who seeks the
best of seaside accommodations.

Hotel La Jolla offers garden and beach view rooms,
with interior decorating by top designers of
Beverly Hills.

Those who are looking for a more secluded stay
should try Scripp’s Inn, which is located at the
southern tip of La Jolla Cove. This hotel features
an ocean view from every room, with a location
on the beach that’s still tucked away from the
business nature of the cove.

La Jolla continues to shine and amaze with it’s
first class hotels. Whether you visit for business
affairs, leisure activities, or both, you can find
everything you need and then some in the splendid
town of La Jolla.

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