Wooden Window Shutters

Almost all wooden shutters are constructed from a
solid hardwood. This helps to give the shutters
the necessary stability for daily usage. Windows
can be a naturally harsh environment, with direct
sunlight, fluctuating humidity, and the rapid
change in temperature.

All types of wooden shutters can withstand all of
these types of conditions. Wooden shutters are
constructed to withstand harsh climates from the
intense heat and sun of the tropics to the
intense cold of the North. Keep in mind, not all
shutters are created equally, as the selection
of wood, types of joints, and overall design will
determine the quality of the ending product.

In the overall structure of a wooden shutter, the
type of wood is very important. All wood is
chosen based on durability, weight, straightness,
length, and overall finishing qualities. Basswood
is one of the best examples, as it builds an
exceptional shutter. Basswood also ranks high
in just above every characteristic you could
possibly imagine.

The joints of the wood will need to be solid and
strong in order to create a long lasting wood
shutter. Finger joints are also important, as
they connect two shorter lengths of wood. The
finger joints show through the finish of a
painted shutter and may look poor from the
start for a stained wood shutter.

Having strong joints between stiles and rails
will prevent the two components from separating
or tearing apart. The joints should be glued
and dowled for the strongest bond and the
best overall performance.

By purchasing wooden shutters, you’ll get
quality shutters at a great price. Before you
buy, do your research on the company and make
sure that they know what they are doing. If you
buy from a reputable seller, you’ll get
everything you need for excellent wooden shutters,
and instructions on how to install them yourself
if you wish.

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