Aspen Nightlife – Taste Festival

Winter time isn’t the only time to visit Aspen.
There is a great deal going on each summer,
and one of the highlights each June is the
Taste Festival. This is also called the Food &
Wine Magazine Classic, and people from all
over the world arrive in droves for this three
day event.

Cookbook authors, wine experts, restaurateurs,
and famous chefs can all be found here.
Wolfgang Puck, Jacques Pepin, and Andrea
Immer have all attended the Taste Fest in
Aspen – because if food is your life, this is the
place to be! Each year, there are over eighty
cooking and food demonstrations, and visitors
can get a taste of it all.

There are many seminars and wine tasting
sessions held throughout Aspen during these
three days as well. If you want to attend this
incredible mouth watering event, make your
reservations months in advance – or you will
miss out! If you don’t make your reservations
early, try to find a hotel with space available in
a nearby town, and drive back and forth to the
event – check the local camp grounds as well.
Just make sure you don’t miss this event!

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