California Tan Products: Formulated with the Right Cosmetic Ingredients for Healthy and Effective Tan Color

As it is well-known, exposure to sunrays, specifically if taken for longer period of hours is a dangerous practice. Ultraviolet rays could darken the skin color; but they could cause fatal consequences, which leads to cancer of the skin too. And so, because of this, the cosmetic world started to formulate different product alternatives for the tanning of the skin. The first tanning product resulted to an overall orange color effect on the skin, which could not be taken as realistic body color.

With the advent of the first tanning product, it inspired the industry to produce more tanning products that will not only produce realistic tan color but will stay longer on the skin. Nowadays, there are two kinds of tanning products you can find in the market: tanning from the inside tanning products, and tanning from the outside tanning products.

California Tan, focusing to impart effective tanning of the skin produced a line of UV lotions. But their products not only focused on their reliability to achieve gorgeous, glowing tan color but aspire to take care of the skin too. California Tan has been in the cosmetic world since they established their desire to impart their dedication to provide the industry with skin care products in 1987.

California Tan products as the easiest, quickest and healthy way of sporting a tan color skin

With the California Tan products, a whole new outlook on tanning of the skin was spread on the industry. The once unrealistic and sometimes unsafe application of the earlier tanning processes was dramatically changed into quick, effective, natural-looking tan, and safe-to-the-skin applications. California Tan products are everywhere from the salons and every other stores.

Everything from their sunless tanning lotions, mist-on spray products, primer lotions, to the wide range of equipments to be used on the application, California Tan ensured everything is perfected to achieve painless, sunless, safe tanning of the skin. With this collection, there is simply one sunless tanning product that would suit your skin and preference.

Depending on your preference, you could get an instant natural-looking tan in the comfort of your home or have the salon experts do the works for you. Either way, application is ensured to give you that glowing, healthy, and natural-looking tan color on your skin. This is because every California Tan product is formulated with the right cosmetic ingredients that will not compromise your skin care while getting effective, visible output.

Four easy ways on achieving natural-tanned skin look with California Tan products

Getting a tanned skin is done step-by-step. With the California Tan sunless tanning products, every step is a sure way to achieve tan look. These are:

• Preparing is done to accelerate reaction and achieve effective sunless result. Before the sunless application you have to exfoliate your skin with the use of California Sunless Tanning Primer. Shaving at least a day before and moisturizing two hours must be done before the application.
• Developing the color is done by applying California Tan Sunless Barrier Cream or California Tan Sunless Self-Tanner generously and evenly to the skin.
• Extending tanning results for a long-lasting color effect through the use of Sunless Moisture Wash, Sunless Extenders, and Perfectors products; and
• Enhancing the results by accentuating it with Sunless Corrector Kits or Sunless Bronzing Powder, and After Glow Shimmer. Using a sunscreen will keep the color safe and longer on your skin.