Divorce, find an apartment, and move on in life

Moving out and finding an apartment can be a good thing. It will start the divorce proceedings. However, if you have children, you do not want to move out. If you were to move out the other spouse may end up getting the children because the live in the home and it’s a stable environment. Also, they may be given the home just for the fact that there are children and you have already made arrangements to live elsewhere’s. However, if you move out you will have relief from the arguments and torture that many people take while trying to push a divorce through. If you would really like to keep the house, then you should stay until the judge has made his decision. At the temporary relief hearing, this is when you can make your plea to come back or make the other move out.
When you do move out and find an apartment you can look for apartments that are for those who are going through a divorce. They are usually very cheap and most people will keep to themselves. If you do move out and without the children than you should see them as much as you possible can arrange so that the judge will allow you to keep your visits. You may want to purchase an apartment that has plenty of room for the children and you may want to set up with rooms so that when they come to your place they can be entertained and comfortable.
When you move you, take everything that you would like with you. You should take any personal things like your clothes and jewelry. You should also inventory everything that you take so that it can’t come back as stealing. If you take it out right away, the law will see it as yours. Depending on what it is and the value of it (money or personal) you may be able to keep it or you may have to be ordered to give it back. But, if you would like it, please take it with you, because you never know what they may do to your things. Also, don’t be greedy; leave most of the furniture, unless it was in your den or private area. You should never clean the house out, regardless of who owned what. It will look bad in court, plus you don’t want the children to be disrupted.
When you move out, don’t go to the girlfriend/boyfriend’s place. You want to show independence and it may be just what you need. If you cannot afford a place on your own, you should move in with a friend or family member. You should not’ move back to the parents because you never know what dirt the lawyer can dig up about your family when it comes to custody of the children. Also, make sure that this other person would have no personal interaction with you so they can’t say that you are dating each other. Moving in with a close friend or cousin will make the rent easier to be paid and you won’t be completely alone. You will have someone to stay with that will support you.
Once you are settled in your new place you can gradually begin to build a new life. Go out, meet new people, have fun. Just don’t do anything that would make you look bad if someone brought it up in court. This way you can move on with your life, but you don’t mess up a good beginning. If there aren’t children involved you may even want to move out of state if your family is located somewhere else. This way you can have family around you be able to move on.