Downline MLM Network Marketing

Can you build a substantial downline MLM network marketing business? The statistics may or may not surprise you. . .as high as 97% of network marketers fail and this is because they weren’t able to establish a large enough downline. However, it can be done if you first understand a few very simple concepts.

1. Regardless of what your potential or existing sponsor may tell you, you do need to have some skills to make money in MLM, otherwise known as network marketing, or multi-level marketing. Many companies will market their opportunity to you as something that “sells itself” and that is simply not true.

Even if the company that you represent or plan to represent has the best products or services in the world, you will need to get these products and services in front of a lot of people. And this doesn’t just happen by itself. So, there is a learning curve involved. Ask yourself if you are ready to dedicate the time and energy to learn. If not, you will not be able to build a big enough downline MLM network marketing business to make any money (or to even break even).

2. You don’t need just two or three people under you to make money. Yes, that is how you start out. You sponsor one or two or three people, and make a few sales. And that’s a good start. But you will need to have hundreds of people under you to make a substantial income from network marketing. The numbers vary from company to company, and from compensation plan to compensation plan, but yes, you will need to work very hard to reach a comfortable level of income. Which ties in with the last point. . .

3. You will not be making money right away by working just a couple of hours a day or week. The advantage to being involved in network marketing is that you will eventually build up enough residual income to earn money even when you are just starting out. But you need to put in a lot of time in the beginning to get the leverage going. Can you build your business by working a couple of hours a day or week? Yes, and that’s perfectly fine if that’s what you have. But you will not be able to build it quickly.

With those out of the way, the answer to the question is yes, you can build a big downline MLM network marketing business. You must treat your business like a real business, and not a hobby, and you must have a genuine and strong desire to succeed in your business, despite any obstacles or hardships that come your way. Finally, make sure you join an MLM which will give you the leadership and real step-by-step to its success. If you’ve got the mindset and mentor, you are off to a good start.