Game Day Coaching

Finally, after all of the hours of hard practice, you get to show what your team is really made of. They are finally moving out of the practice field and into a game. If you are coaching for a game, you want to make sure that you are organized, prepared, and know how to react to specific situations. More than any other time, this will be the time when the players are looking to you in order to see your true character.

Before going to a game, you should make sure that you are prepared for the event. This may be as easy as making sure that everyone has everything that they need. Bringing extra water, safety equipment, and first aid supplies can be a good start in order to prepare for what might happen. This also means preparing the players mentally. They will need to have some vision and insight to how game day will look, allowing them to set their goals for success.

When you get to the game, you will also want to make sure that you have the answers that your players will need. This first means continuing to find the best strategies for the opposing team. Looking at the entire perspective of the field or court and responding with the best moves for the team will help them to continue to work towards the win that they want to have.

Of course, the mentality that you keep during the game and after the game is also important. If the team isn’t doing so well during the game, you want to make sure to keep this in perspective. Over reacting, yelling, and telling the players that they aren’t doing good enough will most likely end badly with some loss of self-esteem after the game. Even if your team looses, you will want to make sure to set an example. Keeping the game as just a game, and looking at the efforts that all of the members are making when they play will help both you and them to learn every time they play.

The process of playing in a sport is most intense when it is on a field of opposing players. Because of this, you want to make sure that you are the example and the place where the players can turn in order to keep insight and perspective. By making sure that you walk in prepared and with the right attitude, you can also be sure that everyone will walk away happy with the process of playing.