Home Remedies To Assist With Ear Pain

Earaches can be quite severe and excruciating and when one occurs you will usually go straight to a doctor to get some help to clear it up as soon as possible. The problem with earaches is that they often occur at night and as such it isn’t that easy to see a doctor in the middle of the night. When an earache occurs at a time that is difficult to get an appointment with a doctor, it is helpful if you know some home remedies that can help you in the meantime. Also, if you are susceptible to earaches and suffer from them frequently, it can be handy to know some remedies that may help with the pain.

Some home remedies can be made with ingredients that you already have in the home. Remember though that everyone is different and what works for one person might not work for another, so if one remedy doesn’t work then you might want to try another one. Once you find one that works well for you then you will have that tool at your disposal whenever you need to use it.

Home remedies for earaches are all natural too which can often be better than using synthetic medications, although with severe ear infections you should consult a doctor and receive proper treatment. Home remedies will also save you money compared to prescription medications, so for a mild ear infection it is definitely beneficial to use your own home remedies.

A common cause of ear infections is fungus – sounds terrible I know but unfortunately we can have fungus growing in our ears which can cause a lot of pain. A mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar is a great solution to get rid of fungus. Combine the water and vinegar and apply a few drops into the infected ear, let it sit in the ear for a few minutes then gently rinse with warm water. This mixture is more effective if you use it at the first sign of earache. In a severe case of ear infection this might not have as much effect.

A warm compress can also help ease the pain of earache. A warm compress works by stimulating the draining of any pus building in the ear which will then relieve pressure on the ear drum. The warmth of the compress can also help to give some pain relief. You can use a warm wheat bag or if you don’t have one, put some rice in a sock, tie the end so it can’t spill out and warm it up in the microwave for about one minute.

Lemon juice is also a very effective home remedy for ear aches. The bacteria that causes an ear infection are base pH. Lemons have an acidic pH so if you put a few drops of lemon juice into the sore ear it neutralizes the base, changing the pH so that the bacteria can no longer thrive. It usually only takes a few drops of lemon juice for the effects to take place.

One last home remedy is Hydrogen Peroxide which is often found in the medicine cabinet in most homes and is generally used for cleaning wounds to kill any germs. A few drops into an infected ear will help to kill any germs within the ear and it also helps to flush the ear canal helping to relieve the pain.

These are some very effective home remedies for treating earaches but you really should consult with a doctor if the pain persists or is severe. If you have a severe ear infection then you will need something stronger than these home remedies.