How To Market Your Seminar to Your Local Market

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Learn how to get started marketing seminars to promote your local professional business. This article is thrid in a series available on this website or from the author.


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If you have created a small business management course or seminar, you are most likely anxious to get started with selling your course or seminar. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how fantastic your course or seminar is if no one knows about it. For this reason, the next step in successfully launching a small business management course or seminar is marketing. But, just
how do you go about marketing your small business management or seminar?

Know Your Market

In general, the best place to start when promoting a new course or seminar is within your local market. Therefore, you should search within your community, and your surrounding communities, to find individuals who might be interested in your small business management course or seminar.

Obviously, people who are already involved in a small business might need the extra insight you can provide with your expertise. This makes your yellow pages an excellent resource for potential students of your course or seminar. Look for small businesses that are locally owned and target their owners as potential students of your small business course or seminar.

But, what about those people who are thinking about starting a small business, but are looking for a little extra guidance and assurance before taking the leap? This is where you come in. With your course or seminar, you can give these people the little push they need – and you can tap into an eager market when you offer them your course or seminar. Unfortunately, people who are just thinking about going into business can be hard to find.

If you are not sure how to go about finding people who are interested in your course or seminar, or if the whole process seems overwhelming, marketing vendors are available to give you the assistance you need. Through these marketing vendors, you can learn strategies for discovering who is a part of your target market, as well as how to get information about your course or
seminar into their hands.

Know Your Resources and Options

One avenue for marketing your small business management course or seminar is through your community college. If you have a community college in or near your community, contact their office of Continuing Education. Often, Continuing Education offices are looking to provide great non-credit courses and seminars to their community. Even better, the college will do a great deal of marketing for you.

Of course, you might not want to form a partnership with another entity. Perhaps you don’t want to share in the profits of your course or seminar. Or, maybe you don’t want to be restricted by the guidelines of other institutions.

If this is the case, it is helpful to contact a marketing agency. A marketing agency can help you formulate a business plan. A marketing vendor can also help you create marketing materials, such as brochures and news releases. In this way, you can remain the independent owner of your course or seminar.
Another great source of marketing is word of mouth. Therefore, make sure you let it be known that you have an excellent course or seminar available. Pass out business cards and share information about your course or seminar with as many people as possible. With time, the word will spread about your course or seminar.

Many people are interested in being their own bosses and owning their own businesses. A large market for this type of course or seminar exists, but finding the people interested in this type of course or seminar can be tricky. Through the proper marketing techniques, however, a small business seminar or course can be highly successful.