PS3: The New Innovation from Sony Play Station

The desire of many gamers around the world to play with an efficient and technologically advanced console moved every manufacturer to create their own version using never before utilized gaming technology. Major gaming console manufacturers are on the peak of formulating their own versions of consoles that offers individual quality.

Among the many console manufacturers is Sony. Ever since, Sony had been creating plenty of gaming console, each considered a stepping-stone to create another better. There have been a number of consoles that Sony has already produced and manufactured. All made its own way to reach the summit.

In the late 90’s, the console Sony released the first Playstation that made huge waves with the gaming market. According to surveys, Playstation 1 was so renowned in the whole world that every household would have one. In the US alone, millions of households have Sony Playstation for their family.

Sony never stopped innovating. During the new millennium, Sony introduced their second console and the Playstation 2 was introduced in the world. PS2 has different hardware desigs as compared to the PS1. Originally, PS2 is black while PS1 is light gray.

Not so many years after, Sony is again ready to introduce the new console they have made; The Playstation 3 or PS3. The PS3 is the third of the playstation series and the seventh in the consoles made by Sony.

PS3 was first unveiled to the world on May 16, 2005 during the E3 conference. Other major makers like Nintendo and Microsoft are always on their watch to think of their possible console to equate with the PS3. Months after, these two major manufacturer unveiled their own version comparable to the PS3.

PS3 is scheduled to be released strategically to different major markets around the world. The release dates differs according to the place. PS3 will be first released in the Japan on November 11, 2006. This will be followed in the US on November 17, 2006. The release date for Canada is the same as in the US. The new console is expected to be out in the market of Australia and Europe by March next year.

The PS3 was first exhibited at a Tokyo Game Show in Japan last September 2006. Sony displayed 27 playable PS3’s and games just for the opening of the said event.

The world is preparing for the waited launching of PS3. Many gaming enthusiasts asked about the said gadget and are on the way to actually acquiring one. Sony expects to sell plenty of PS3 not just in Japan but also around the world. The great appreciation of enthusiasts in the US will prove that PS3 will be highly acclaimed by the Americans despite the close competition with Nintendo and Microsoft.

PS3 has an upgradable hard drive, Blu-ray drive, HDMI port, Bluetooth controller, built in Wi-Fi and flash card readers. The basic version will not have a built in Wi-Fi and flash card readers.

The PS3 has a Blu-ray disc or known as the BD. PS3 can playback BD software in a considerable high rate. This platform has a 50 GB storage capacity. This can also play movies and games in a very high image quality.

Truly, PS3 still have plenty of surprises that will leave gamers stunned. PS3 has the most modern specifications in terms of gaming gadgets and has the most advance quality that is incomparable.