The History of Supercross Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing evolved almost as soon as motorcycles were available for sale. However, that type of motorcycle racing is different from most of the races that take place today. In the past, motorcycle racing was like most other forms of racing. It often took place on flat tracks. Motorcycle racing first began on dirt tracks. Aftertime, those dirt tacks became asphalt tracks. When you think about it, in a way, motorcycle racing has somewhat returned to its roots.

Although motorcycle races have changed since the past, it is important to know that those old racing styles still exist today. All across the country, the world for that matter, motorcycle racing takes place on all different racing surfaces. Flat track racing still exists today and it is still fairly popular; however, racers, as well as fans wanted something more. They wanted excitement; thus, supercross motorcycle racing was born.

Supercross motorcycle racing is off-road racing at its best. Supercross drivers not only race off-road bikes, but they race on man-made tracks. These man-made tracks are, in a way, like obstacles courses. The courses are filled with turns, jumps, and small hills that make for some exciting racing. Like most other forms or racing, including supercross racing, the goal is to finish in first place. However, with supercross racing, that is easier said than done. With a fairly large number of drivers on one rough course, it is sometimes even difficult to make it to the finish line.

When it comes to the history of supercross motorcycle racing, it is often difficult to pinpoint its exact date of birth. Supercross racing is a variation of motocross racing. The only difference between the two is that motocross races tend to take place outdoors, while supercross racing events are mostly held indoors. In the early seventies, motocross racing started taking the world and racing fans by storm. The only problem with motocross racing was that it was held outdoors, often in rural areas. This largely limited the number of fans who could enjoy a motocross event; therefore, the switch was made to indoors.

The first supercross racing event was held in the Los Angeles Coliseum. Although, at the time, it was not officially known as supercross racing. A comparison was made by the racing promoter. That comparison was between motocross and the Superbowl; for that reason, the supercross name was used. Supercross and motocross still exist today. While it is now easier to separate the two, it was difficult to do when supercross racing was first developed. That was why the name supercross was so popular and widely used.

Supercross motorcycle racing is most well-known on a professional level. Since its development, racing teams and circuits have been developed. These racing teams are similar to the teams found in NASCAR, as well as the racing circuit. Professional supercross racers tend to travel the country, racing in various indoor venues. In addition to professional supercross motorcycle racing, amateur supercross racing is also popular, but mostly on a local level.
Although most amateur or local supercross motorcycle racing events can be classified as motocross, due to being held outdoors, many have bared the supercross racing name. While many local courses are held outdoors, there are also local indoor courses as well. Like many other forms of local racing, these indoor supercross racing events tend to take place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. These constant race schedules are great for local fans, who never have to worry about missing a race or worry about having to travel to follow their favorite sport.

One of the reasons why supercross motorcycle racing has increased in popular, aside from its action packed events, is because most professional events are televised. Even locally run, amateur supercross races have benefited from these lived televised events, even though they are not the ones being broadcasted on television. As previously mentioned, supercross racing events take place all of the country; however, they are only available in limited areas. For this reason, supercross fans have turned to local tracks to get their racing fixes.


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