The Important California Tan Spray Rules

If it is not yet summer but you would like to exude a tanned look, then suit yourself! There are a lot of ways for you to resort to so that you will be endowed with a natural trace of tanned skin. Why not treat yourself to a relaxing California Tan spray?

Getting a tan can suit your taste and erase your own depression. Get that healthy glow on your skin without having to risk the occurrence of skin cancer! Technology is indeed very wise that the tan spray has been conceived. So get on to your feet and try out the wonders of the professional California Tan spray! The California Tan spray is likely to be offered in the booths. Here are a few significant California Tan spray rules that can surely help you out:

The very basic step is for you to spot a shop that you can trust. The word of mouth is always a reputable idea to go for. You can always seek for opinions and might as well talk to the people who have had the first hand experience with these shops. This will help you decide as to whether or not you can trust the employees there for the tanning you surely love to have. If you are having a hard time finding the best and reputable California Tan spray shop or booth to go to, try checking out websites in the net. If any mystic tan booth is near your place go straight to it. After all, it is leading the rest in the field of spray tan technological revolution.

Another important California Tan spray rule is to book an appointment in the tanning shop of your choice. Although walk-ins are entertained too, it will be a lot better to be in an appointment so that you can be assured that you will be given the best possible service.

If you are going to have a spray tan because you will be attending to some special event, then you should have a dry run test of at least two weeks to see the effect of tanning on you. Now if you get satisfied with the result then you can set another appointment at about 3 or 4 days before the occasion. This period allows the tan to fully set in.

On the very day of your appointment, you must shower your whole body and then exfoliate it. Make use of a shower get and a loofah. Or, you may opt to have a body scrub. This process will make certain a very even tanning solution application.

The tanning salons usually have some instructional videos which you will be allowed to watch. These videos emphasize the tan spray rules and will explain to you every single detail about the method. Among the important rules that the videos focus on are the need to contain your breath while the spray tan is about to go off, turning around as the spray stops, and the spots to apply the lotion in order to hinder the spray. There is a need to block the spray since some areas of the skin have creases and wrinkles. When the sprays settle, a tell-tale white and a vainly look will be produced.

After the session, a towel will be given to you so that you can wipe off the excesses of the spray. It is advisable to wear nothing so that the tan will be evenly applied.