Treatment Of Vaginal Yeast Infection – Common Sense Prevails

If you need treatment of vaginal yeast infection, I have some great tips for you. Yeast likes to grow in a warm, moist environment and what better place than your vagina. Sounds gross, I know, but I speak the truth. There are several things you can do to prevent getting a yeast infection but if you should get one there are also things you can do to effectively treat them.

Yeast infections are caused by the organism, Candida albicans, or monilia and can grow pretty much anywhere on the body and can even get into the blood stream. Usually not infectious, if the body’s pH is affected by something you have done to it or maybe eaten, then you become prone to getting yeast infections.

The best treatment of vaginal yeast infection consists of either an antifungal cream or suppository inserted directly into the vagina, at night, before bed. You can choose the length of treatment, The suppositories come in one day, three days or seven days treatment. You want to insert the cream or suppository when you are laying down so it delivers the medication where it is needed and gravity doesn’t get rid of it too soon.

Frankly if you have a yeast infection you want it gone as quickly as possible so why there is a treatment that lasts more than one day is beyond me. Get the one day treatment, it is so worth it. You can feel better overnight. The only thing you will have to worry about is a little bit of drainage for the next couple of days. Just wear a thin menstrual pad or panty liner and you will be just fine. Vaginal cleansing wipes are also available to keep you fresh and refreshed throughout your day.

To keep your vaginal pH in the correct range do not use douches very often. If you do then make sure you eat yogurt on a daily basis, especially the kind with probiotics in it. The probiotics will help keep your body pH in order so the likelihood that you will get yeast infections in reduced.

Ways to prevent yeast infections from happening in the first place ar to never wear tight-fitting clothes and only wear cotton underwear. Allow that area to ‘breathe’, so to speak and do not wear nylons or tights every day. Do not use feminine sprays or talcum powder, if you want to be sure to get dry after a bath or shower use your hair dryer on the low setting to dry the area thoroughly.

Do not use things like scented toilet paper, sanitary napkins or tampons. Anything labeled ‘deodorizing’ should be avoided at all costs. when you do have your period make sure to take plenty of supplies with you so you can change them frequently throughout your day and cleanse well every time you do change them to keep bacteria and fungus from building up and causing a yeast infection then you won’t need tips on the treatment of vaginal yeast infection.