What Is The Right Home Remedy To Treat An Ear Infection

If you are a parent of a child that has suffered from ear infections then you might be interested to know that there are some very effective home remedies that can be used to treat them. Some children can be very prone to earn infections and over time can cost a small fortune from all those doctors visits. Then there is also the times when an earache begins at night when it is difficult to see a doctor or on vacation and a good home remedy can give the child relief until such a time that you can visit a doctor. Of course, if the ear pain is severe and doesn’t subside with use of the home remedy, then you should still visit a doctor as soon as you are able.

Ear infections have haunted people for many years and long before prescribed medications were available they were treated with natural remedies. Many remedies are made from products that you will likely already have in your home. The effective home remedies to treat ear infections have been used for many years, even after prescribed medications became available, and are still being used today.

A warm compress is always a good option for earaches. For a warm compress you can use a wheat bag if you have one and if not you can make a compress by putting some rice into a sock and warming it in the microwave for one minute. Then place the compress on the child’s sore ear and let them lie on their side with the bad ear facing down. By using a warm compress this way it can help to drain any blockage in the child’s ear which may relieve the pain.

Hydrogen peroxide is often found in most medicine cabinets and is usually used to clean wounds and kill any germs. A few drops of hydrogen peroxide in a sore ear will help to kill any bacteria in the ear that might be causing the infection.

If you would prefer a more natural alternative to hydrogen peroxide then lemon juice is a great choice. Because lemon juice is highly acidic it neutralizes the pH which stops the growth of the bacteria.

The next home remedy to treat ear infections is a recipe from the kitchen which contains onion, garlic and olive oil. You need to simmer the onion and garlic in some oil and water. Simmer until the mixture reduces and then strain the mixture so you are left with a liquid. When cool, apply a few drops into the sore ear. This can kill the infection and if used at the first sign of ear infection it can clear it up quite fast.

A mixture of vinegar and water is another handy recipe to treat ear infections. Just mix 50% water with 50% vinegar and apply a few drops into the sore ear.

Lastly, and an unlikely remedy is vodka. And no we aren’t suggesting your child drink vodka until they no longer feel pain! Just dab some vodka onto a cotton ball and hold it against the ear.

A remedy that might work for one child might not work for another, so you may need to try a few of the remedies until you find one that works well for your child. Once you know which remedy works for your child then it will be there ready for you whenever your child develops an ear infection. Remember, if pain persists or is severe then take your child to see a doctor as soon as possible.