How To Get Over A Breakup – Without Killing Yourself

The best way I can tell you to start on your path on how to get over a breakup is to take things day by day. Do not make any drastic moves or do anything stupid. Concentrate on how you feel and what it is going to take to feel human again.

Breakups are tough and can leave you feeling detached from the world, not to mention your mind from your body. You have been dealt this blow by someone who once said they loved you. You thought that meant something and it is hard to accept that maybe they were not quite truthful about their feelings.

Whether they once meant it or not, you probably will never know. My advice is to believe they did love you at some point. Believing will help keep your own self-esteem positive and make it easier for you to learn how to move on.

You are sad, hurt and angry. By all means possible, do not ignore how you are feeling. You need to allow yourself the time to wallow in these feelings. Do yourself a favor though by not wallowing for too long. Start to pick up the pieces as soon as you can.

Changes have to be made and made soon. You need to fugure out how to live single again. The sooner you do this the better off you will be. so, where do you start learning how to get over a breakup?

Like I said, go ahead and wallow but give yourself a time limit. Then, get out and do something to make yourself feel alive again. Spend some money on a new outfit, buy some flowers for your house, get a manicure, volunteer some of your time at a daycare center. Just be out in the world.

Do not, under any circumstances, contact your ex. This will only keep the sadness, hurt and anger close to the surface and keep you from dealing effectively with these feelings.

Stay away from bars and clubs. Alcohol in excess will also only keep your feelings from fading. If you get drunk you may begin to feel that you can do or say something to try to get your ex back. The only thing you will accomplish is making a fool of yourself and you really don’t need that either. Remember when I said do not do anything stupid? Adding alcohol to an already bad situation is stupid. Don’t do it.

Focus on improving YOURSELF. Make an appointment with your stylist and get a new do or get your butt to that gym you joined a year ago and get in shape. Just do anything and everything you can think of to make yourself feel good. You will start to feel better and better as each day goes by. You will find yourself smiling and having fun again someday soon. Then you can be proud of yourself that you learned how to get over a breakup all by yourself and came out the other side stronger.