Snow Boarding Destinations

Now let me tell you about some of the greatest places that there are to snow board in the world. I really mean I am going to tell you about the places, that if you are a snow boarder you simply must visit if you want to have experienced the greatest snow boarding that is out there.

Solden in Austria

This amazing resort is about 50 miles away from Innsbruck and a further 20 miles away from Otztal. This amazing place has three killer slopes that have three of the speediest lifts in the world that also have some of the best views that I have ever seen. At least one night in the week the slopes open up to give you a chance to go night boarding in style. There is also a firework display and everything else that you can imagine to make the night a success, you can actually go for a drink in between runs and really enjoy all the aspects of snow boarding whilst drinking at the same time. If you have never been night boarding before this is something that you have to check out.

St Anton in Austria

St Anton has some of the best terrain that I have ever seen and that is one of the reasons that I think this place is up here in the best snow boarding destinations. If you like to free style then this is undoubtedly the place to be doing it. The slopes are not very forgiving and unless you like high speed, high octane fun then you should probably go elsewhere. The slope has amazing amounts of powder and really helps and boarder to accelerate a lot faster than they are used to.

Tignes in France

Tignes is without a doubt the place to go if you want to go snowboarding in France. Tignes was one of the first locations to actually welcome snowboarders whilst other felt that skiing was the only thing that you can do on the slopes. But let me tell you one thing ladies and gentleman. This place is also the top place to learn your trade, with a wide range of training courses for those that want to teach snow boarding for a living. If you are looking for tree runs then this is not the place to hang, but it certainly has a lot of excellent runs that you simply must try.


This is the best in indoor entertainment that is out their. If you think playing your play station is indoor entertainment then you really have another thing coming folks. You only pay an hourly fee for the time you spend on the slopes and that even includes boot hire and hiring of a board. The fact is that this is such as enclosed area, and there are instructors all over the place watching what you do. When I went I got a lot of helpful feedback from instructors and at their own free will. A very good place to learn.

LAAX in Switzerland

LAAX in Switzerland

This my friends is snow boarding heaven and a must, see and do for everyone. This place is home to some of the biggest snow boarding events in the world, and you never see a pro turn down an opportunity to strut his stuff on these challenging slopes. When an event happens here it really is seen as being cool, as well as whatever else. The top DJs, singers and pop stars all want to come along to associate themselves with whatever is going on. This place has half-pipes galore for those who would rather flip than anything else. The ski lift is also good and for many beginners this is the most enjoyable part of their visit. You will find some challenging slopes as well as other slopes that are tailored for beginners.