Techniques for the Catcher

There is only one person in every baseball game that has the ability to be the catcher. If you have been chosen for this spot, or are working towards training someone to be effective as the catcher, you can follow some simple guidelines to help. By knowing what the basics are for being the catcher, you can help to make a difference on the scoreboard of the game.

With any catcher, they will want to make sure that they are about five to ten feet from the home base line. Whether someone is up to bat, or whether they are running from third base, staying this far will help the catcher. It will first give them the ability to stay safely away from the person who is running or from the ball hitting them at a faster speed. It will also give them the ability to use the space and time to see exactly where the ball is going to hit.

When you are standing and waiting for the ball, you will want to make sure that you are in a position that allows your body to maneuver the best. This will first mean keeping the feet in one position that allows you to move your glove forward or backward. This will also help you to see exactly where the ball is coming from. You will also want to be slightly bent in order to catch the ball more effectively. If the ball is coming up higher, it will be easier to move your glove to catch it. If the ball is lower, you can move to your knees in order to scoop it up at a quicker pace.

By following these two techniques, you can then learn how to catch different types of balls more effectively. For example, if the ball is a low pitch, you will want to make sure to catch it before it hits the ground. This means that you will have to extend your glove in order to more effectively catch the ball. If it is a receiving ball, you will want to use a slightly different technique. Usually, you won’t have to move your glove, but simply maneuver your body in order to ensure that the ball is caught and is defined as a strike.

Even though you are behind home base, the responsibilities for the catcher are just as important as anyone else, and can make a difference in winning or losing a game. If you are learning to play the position of catcher, then finding out what the basic techniques and the different possibilities for each play are can help you to get the ball exactly when you want it.