Techniques for the First Baseman

The batter has hit the ball and is running towards first base. You are the first person that has the ability to strike them out before they get too far. If you want to make sure that you are always ready to go, then it is not only being aware of where the ball is. It is also making sure that you know how to handle the ball when it gets into your area of the field. Following are some techniques you can use as the first baseman.

One of the first things to work on as the first baseman is the speed that you have in being able to get the balls. The main piece of advice that anyone will give to the first baseman is to learn how to be quick in getting to the ball and driving it to where it needs to go. This may also mean making some extra turns and stretches in order to throw the ball to the necessary place, which should also be worked on as a technique for first basemen.

The next set of techniques to work on will all be related to how the ball decides to come your way. One of the important techniques to learn is how to field ground balls. This means that you should have the ability to keep your eye out for the ball and get off the base if you need to bring the ball to a different place. If you are going towards a ball, it will be better to stay in front of it and keep your glove close to the ground until you have the ability to pick up the ball and throw it elsewhere. Most of the time, it is best to throw the ball to the pitcher who can see the best person to get out.

Bunts are another type of ball that is often handled by the first baseman. When you are handling this, the first thing that should come to mind is that you will be throwing the ball to second base. If you see the ball being bunted before the player gets to first base, you can try to get the ball and move closer to the batter as they are running for the position, giving you the ability to strike them out before they are safe. Pop flies, another type of ball that may be coming your way, are easiest to learn how to catch by moving towards the right side of the base. These will be easier to catch then other types of balls because they are closer to the first base than other bats.

No matter what type of ball is coming your way, you can be more effective with how you gather it and throw it to the necessary area. By beginning to study the possible maneuvers, you will easily be able to work first base to the best of your abilities. This will leave the other players with strike outs while you get ahead in the game.