Techniques for the Outfielder

When looking at the entire spectrum of a game, you will want to make sure that every player knows their place and what they need to do. This isn’t just important for the pitcher and batter, but also for those that aren’t as near to the infield. One of the people that are important in order to make the game complete is the outfielder. Their ability to be prepared and approach the ball effectively is what will help to make a complete game.

Like shortstops, outfielders will need to see the overall situation and know how to respond to it. This is especially important when they are moving the ball into the infield. If another player isn’t ready to respond to them, it will allow the other team to stay a step ahead. Whether the outfielder is in right, left or center field, they will need to have the ability to put the ball back where it belongs in the game.

Before beginning to communicate or see where the ball needs to go, an outfielder should be prepared for the play to happen. The outfielders should all be in a pre-pitch stance when a play is about to happen. Usually, this means that the outfielders will be slightly bent with their hands on their knees. This allows them to be ready to watch the ball, move to where the ball is going, and jump if needed in order to catch the ball. With this stance, the weight should be on the balls of the outfielder’s feet in order to give more momentum when they go to catch the ball.

After you are in ready stance, you will need to be sure to continue to stay prepared until you have the ability to catch the ball. The first three steps that you take will help you to get the momentum that you need in order to speed up the jump that you are able to take. After this momentum is built, you will want to stay behind the ball and anticipate where you will be able to catch it. When you are teaching the catch, make sure that outfielders are able to do this with both hands, and then are able to throw quickly after the catch to the necessary place.

Playing as an outfielder will be an important part of every game. It allows the ball and the game to stay in the field and to stay in the right area. Even though these players are not around as much pressure in the infield, it is just as important for them to keep open communication and to be ready to play ball.